Traditional and Seasonal Candy Displays notes that while "Retailers have done a good job bringing shoppers to the candy aisles. It is time now, many experts agree, to refocus on traditional and seasonal categories."_x009d_ The point that they are trying to make, and with which many bulk candy wholesalers would agree, is that now that customers are back in the candy stores it is important to offer exciting and innovative presentation. This is particularly true for traditional and seasonal candy. In order to enhance the shopping experience and bring candy products on par with the contemporary creativeness of other branded products innovation is necessary.

The ways to highlight traditional and seasonal candy stands are endless of course but some success stories of well merchandised bulk candy sections make great examples and provide food for thought. Experience shows that the most important aspect of bulk candy sales is placement. High traffic areas are essential as the decision to buy traditional or seasonal candy is often an impulse, determined more by visibility than by price. In stores that sell items other than candy that is particularly important.

The best type of display for bulk candy is an either inverted or extroverted circular design in a self contained area. Within the circular design, specific themed areas are very successful and this is where a merchandiser is well advised to place the traditional and seasonal candy section. Impulse products like candy need a wow factor to attract and entice the customer. Excellent suggestions are towers above clear bins, or false fronts, showing candy. This will add excitement and visual appeal to displays. For the traditional and seasonal candy area curved bump-out areas will draw additional attention to that specific unit. Well lit displays are also more appealing and attract more customer attention.

Some of the specific bulk candies that might be featured in a traditional and seasonal candy display are of course Halloween candy, but there are quite a few other events and ceremonies which include bulk candy. Both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving have many of their own special candies identified with the occasion.

For Hanukkah consider a display of Hanukkah fruit flashers, chocolate gold coins, silver coated chocolate hearts, blue raspberry fruit sours, silver Jordan almonds, blue and silver chocolate meltaways, blueberry Star of David crystal cuts, jelly belly Hanukkah mix, Hanukkah lollipals, Chanukah discs, Chanukah coins and Hanukkah dreidel filled coins. These will make a spectacular feature display of sparking golds, silvers and blues.

For Thanksgiving, or even an Autumn themed stand or display, try exhibits of candy corn, sunflower tangy candy, lemon crunch leaf candy, Thanksgiving turkey suckers, fall mint truffles, gold milk chocolate stars, bronze and brown dark chocolate hearts, milk chocolate autumn leaves, large or miniature milk chocolate turkeys, jelly belly autumn mix and jelly belly fall festival mix.

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah themed displays presented alongside a Halloween display will offer eye catching contrast of theme and color which if presented well, will be tasteful and very attractive indeed.

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