How to Make Salt Water Taffy from Scratch

  For one day a year, it’s okay to cement your teeth together with sticky, chewy, and stretchy taffy. You can even blame us for telling you that the next time your dentist gives you the stink eye! This National Taffy Day, learn how to make your own taffy at home. There are so many different.

Out of Mother’s Day Present Ideas? Surprise Mom with 7 DIY Candy Crafts.

Your mom gave you life, don’t botch her Mother’s Day present! Instead, try one of these top 7 Mother’s Day present ideas made entirely out of sweets and deliciousness. Candy makes great Mother’s Day gifts, and with a little craftiness, you can put together some of these great designs. Sweet Tooth Emergency Kit Does your mom love.

How to Make Your Own Candy Gram Valentine’s Day!

You could go to the local drug store and pick up a pre-made card, but a homemade candy gram for Valentine’s Day is so much sweeter! If you’re not sure how to go about this crafty and yummy DIY project, we have all the steps for you. Just follow our guide below and deliver

8 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make Their Own Valentines

Are your little ones brimming with love? Give you cute Cupids something fun to do to show the ones they love most how much they care with these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Get the finger paint, safety scissors, construction paper, and Valentine’s Day candy ready for a fun time. Wrapped Around My Fingerprints.

Mailing Gifts This Holiday? Here Are 8 Edible Presents That Travel Well in the Mail

Whether you’re across the country or across the world, you can spread the joy this holiday by mailing sweet treats to the people you love most—that is, if you pick edibles that travel well! Below, you’ll find the top goodies that you can make at home or order online and mail in one piece. Fudge Fudge.

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