10 Great DIY Easter Crafts for Kids


You are more than just a crafty parent, you are a DIY dynamo. So this Easter, don't just settle for dying eggs with your kids. Whip those gloves off, invest in a solid craft table, and get creative with your bad self. Make an Easter bunny bottle. Build a colorful wreath out of plastic eggs. Turn mundane paper plates into fun baby chicks. Make this holiday something to remember for your entire family and try your hand at these awesome DIY Easter Crafts for Kids.

1. Easter Bunny Bottle

Credit: Happy Clippings

Credit: Happy Clippings

Have a few empty water bottles around? Grab some cupcake liners and googley eyes and turn them into fun DIY bunny bottles. These candy-filled Easter vessels are a great way to teach your kids about the importance of recycling and make great decorations or gifts.

Check out the full tutorial at Happy Clippings.

2. Paper Plate Chick

Credit: Kiwi Crate

Credit: Kiwi Crate

The well of paper plate crafts for kids is apparently bottomless. With a pair of scissors and a little imagination you can turn a disposable plate into just about anything. However, it's hard to make something cooler than this dangly-legged chick. It's easy to build and a perfect activity to do with younger kids.

Get the full instructions at Kiwi Crate.

3. Paper Mache Easter Baskets

Credit: Red Ted Art

Credit: Red Ted Art

You're never too old to enjoy a good decoupage. Chances are good that you already have everything you need to make these DIY Paper Mache Easter Baskets sitting in your craft closet. If you don't, though, you can pick up everything you need to make a menagerie of Easter critters (basically cheap felt and poofy cotton balls) for less than $10 at the store.

Check out the full tutorial at Red Ted Art.

4. Easter Egg Wreath

Credit: DIY Queen

Credit: DIY Queen

Listen, hunting for candy-filled Easter Eggs is old news. If you really want to do something cool with those cheap-o plastic eggs this Easter, grab your kids and get them to help you turn a few dozen empty eggs into an awesome wreath. This fun piece of DIY Easter décor is colorful, affordable and can be hung from your front door for years to come.

Check out the tutorial courtesy of DIY Queen.

5. Easy Easter Finger Puppets

Credit: Craft Jr

Credit: Craft Jr

Help your kids stage their own holiday puppet show this Easter with these awesome DIY finger puppets. Nothing more than pipe cleaners and pompoms, these fun puppets are a great way for your kids to explore their creative side as they dramatically recreate the plight of Mr. Bunny and His Missing Chocolate Basket or the trials of Floppy the Cross-Eyed Chick.

See the instructions at Craft Jr.

6. Carrot Candy Holder

Teach your kids the importance of generosity by helping them craft these awesome Carrot Candy Holders for their friends and teachers. While they aren't exactly as healthy as real carrots, these jelly bean treats are super fun and easy to make – and that counts for something, right?

P.S. If you need some orange jelly beans, we've got you covered.

Get the tutorial at Serendipty Refined.

7. Easter Watercolor Art

Credit: The New Modern Mama

Credit: The New Modern Mama

Thanks to the invention of vinyl letters, your young children don't need to have a strong grasp of color theory or even fully developed motor skills to make an awesome Easter painting. Just slap a few sticky letters on a blank canvas then mix up some pastel watercolors and let your little ones go crazy. The finished product will look as great on your wall as it would in a gallery of modern expressionist art.

See the full tutorial at The New Modern Mama.

8. Chalkboard Ostrich Eggs

Credit: The Red Thread Blog

Credit: The Red Thread Blog

Help your kids discover their inner artist with these super creative Chalkboard Ostrich Eggs. Complete with little DIY nests, these awesome eggs are a great way to decorate your home with personalized art and messages this Easter. Using bona fide ostrich eggs is preferable here but in case you want something a little cheaper and more durable then it's totally cool to substitute large plastic Easter eggs as a replacement. Either way, this is one project your kids are sure to love.

Get the instructions at The Red Thread Blog.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Credit: Inhabitots

Credit: Inhabitots

Grab four or five old toilet paper tubes. Paint on a face and attach some pipe cleaner whiskers and construction paper ears and boom; you've got a family of bunnies that you can use as decoration or candy holders. Pretty great, huh?

Check out the full tutorial for these Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies at Inhabitots.

10. Easter Bunny Goggles

Credit: 4 Crazy Kings

Credit: 4 Crazy Kings

Give your kids a new perspective on the holidays by helping them craft a set of Easter Bunny Goggles. While these festive goggles won't help improve any nearsightedness, they will make your children adorable at parties.

Get the tutorial at 4 Crazy Kings.

Get Crafty This Easter

These fun Easter Projects for Kids might be our favorites but they certainly aren't the only way to get crafty this April. If you've got a cool project of your own that you'd like to share then let us know in the comments section below. We'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy Easter,

The ACS Team

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