12 Awesome Free Customizable Candy Buffet Labels

Free Printable Candy Labels

Let's take a minute to talk about labels. Some people might be better off without them, but this is not the case with candy buffets. Unless you want to spend the entire party explaining the difference between the Atomic Death Balls from the Sweet Cherry Bites to your elderly guests, adding labels to your menagerie of apothecary jars is a must.

And since you're already putting forth the effort, you might as well go the distance and use labels that are actually designed for whatever theme your candy buffet is celebrating, be it a birthday, a wedding, a construction-themed birthday party or the anniversary of your UFO alien abduction (whatever, we're not judging).

The good news for you, dear reader, is that making awesome candy buffet labels is just as easily done as it is said. There are literally thousands of free printable labels available on the Internet; you only have to look for them – and that's exactly what we did. We spent hours browsing the darkest corners of the DIY Kingdom, vetting different customizable printable candy buffet labels. It was a rigorous journey, but now we're proud to hook you guys up with 14 of our favorites. Check them out and get your game on point. It's one of the most effective candy buffet supplies you can add.

When you're ready to start choosing candy, check out our candy by color page. Bulk candy wholesalers like us rarely have the selection that we do. We've got the colors you need and you can go from there.

1. Sweet & Sparkly Candy Buffet Printables

Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

These Sweet and Sparkly Wedding Candy Buffet Labels from Hostess with the Mostess are perfect for wedding candy buffets– especially weddings that have navy blue as a theme color. Jenn (HWTM's Founder) has provided two different versions of these labels, one prefabricated sheet and one set of blanks that can be customized to fit whatever features you've got at your candy buffet. She even included a list of fonts that she used so you can make your custom labels look identical to hers if that's what floats your boat. Finally, you can pick up the adhesive rhinestones she used in the corners of each label for cheap at your local craft store.

Get the printable at Hostess with the Mostess.

2. Free Fillable Vintage Royal Labels

Credit: The 80's Me

Credit: The 80's Me

These awesome vintage labels from The 80's Me look like old aristocratic seals, making them perfect for your daughter's princess-themed candy buffet or your hoity-toity wedding reception. Customize them with an old time block or calligraphy font in Adobe or just freehand on the text yourself with a fancy pen. Then attach them with some old twine or vintage ribbon and you'll be in business.

Get the printable for personal use at The 80's Me.

3. Wedding Candy Buffet Labels

Credit: The Wedding of My Dreams

Credit: The Wedding of My Dreams

Across the pond at The Wedding of My Dreams boutique in the UK, Gemma and the girls have whipped up a batch of four elegant customizable wedding themed candy labels that they are generously giving away for free. Printed on pearlescent card stock and strung with ribbon, they'll add a touch of European refinement to that super-fun hedonistic party you call a reception.

Check them out at The Wedding of My Dreams.

4. Vintage Carriage Wedding Candy Labels

Credit: Wedding Chicks

Credit: Wedding Chicks

The coolest part about these customizable candy buffet labels from Wedding Chicks isn't that they have an old timey carriage print on them, although that definitely should be mentioned. No, the coolest part about these free printable wedding buffet labels is that they feature an awesome tool that allows you to print a two-tone label sheet that matches your wedding colors exactly.


Go try it for yourself at Wedding Chicks.

5. Pink Party Damask Candy Labels

Credit: Makoodle

Credit: Makoodle

Do you have a pink candy buffet you need to doll up? Then check out these free Damask Candy Tags from Makoodle. While there's only a hint of pink on the labels themselves, the fancy black-and-white filigree will look great in contrast with the pastel candies that you've stuffed into those apothecary jars. That's called color theory and you just got a free lesson in it.

These labels are available in both square and circular shapes. Fill in the text with a type face of your choice using any basic image or text editing program.

Check them out at Makoodle.

6. Circus Candy Buffet Printables

Credit: Lil' Blue Boo

Credit: Lil' Blue Boo

Life is a lot like a circus. Once in a while, so is one of your parties. Dress up that circus-themed candy buffet with this fun set of customizable candy printables from Lil' Blue Boo. They've got pin stripes and fun old-timey font. That is all.

Download them courtesy of Lil' Blue Boo.

7. Vintage Floral Candy Labels

Credit: Ruffled

Credit: Ruffled

In a clinical trial by the CandyStore team, these Vintage Floral Candy Labels have shown to increase jealousy levels in your catty friends who attend your parties. Extended use may lead to an affinity for tweet and fixed gear bicycles. We don't pretend to understand it, we just appreciate it.

Get the template at Ruffled.

8. Sweet & Sparkling Holiday Party Printables

Credit: Pizzazzerie

Credit: Pizzazzerie

If you plan on hosting a candy buffet during the holiday season then you need to check out the ultimate collection of holiday candy buffet printables on Pizzazzerie. Graciously donated by Forever Your Prints, this totally customizable spread of holiday-themed cards comes complete with bag labels, jar labels, cupcake toppers and more. All for free. We don't know what good deeds you've done to deserve a spot on that Nice list, but we aren't going to waste time asking questions.

Check them out at Pizzazzerie.

9. Black And White Labels

Credit: Cupcake Express

Credit: Cupcake Express

Add a touch of class to your candy buffet with some free customizable black and white printables courtesy of Cupcake Express. They've got chevrons. They've got polka dots. They've got those elegant bubble shapes that everybody loves so much. We could go on, but we think we've made our point.

Download them for free at Cupcake Express.

10. Handmade Crafters Branding Kit

Credit: World Label

Credit: World Label

An old school candy buffet deserves awesome, old school labels – labels like the ones found in the free Handmade Crafters Branding Kit on World Label. Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made designed these awesome vintage labels in shades of Black, Celery, Cigar and Turquoise and published them for free because she is pretty much the coolest person ever. Each downloadable set includes a huge variety of round, rectangular, oval and tiered label templates with a built-in artsy font tool for Adobe Reader. She might not win the Nobel Prize for Humanitarianism but she definitely deserves some love for the tremendous amount of work she put into these awesome free labels.

Check them out at World Label.

11. Printable Chalkboard Tags

We suppose you could spend hours painstakingly cutting out tiny frames from a chalkboard to use as candy buffet labels if you really wanted but expending all of that effort seems a trifle insane when you can just get these awesome chalkboard label printables for free. Megan from Lilac n' Lavender has designed a whole smorgasbord of these awesome vintage labels in a variety of shapes and sizes and has made them available for free on her blog. All you need to do is print them out, cut them up and draw on them with a chalk marker and nobody will ever be able to tell the difference – you sly dog, you.

Check out the whole spread at Lilac n' Lavender.

12. Chevron Candy Labels

Credit: Sonya DeHart Design

Credit: Sonya DeHart Design

There just isn't enough chevron in this cruel, cold world. Do your part to raise Chevron Awareness by downloading these awesome free custom candy buffet labels from Sonya DeHart Design. They come in a variety of colors and can be customized in Adobe Reader with whatever fancy type face you desire.

Download them from Sonya DeHart Design blog.

Download, Print and Share the Love

Some things are best kept as secrets. These awesome free custom candy buffet printables are not. If you use some of these free labels to spruce up that big candy buffet you've been planning, then spread the love by sharing this post with friends and complete strangers. It'll give you a good tingly feeling, we promise.

Stop by next week for even more awesome candy tips, recipes and news!

Until Next Time,

The CandyStore.com Team

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