35 Awesome Sugar-Slinging Blogs You Should Be Following on Twitter

Credit: Bakerella

Credit: Bakerella

Do your social networks suffer from a serious lack of raspberry cheesecake cupcakes? Do you yearn to learn new baking recipes during those five minute breaks you take at the office? Then you really should be following some of these notable sugar-slinging bloggers on Twitter.

The recipes and pictures that they post can turn any dull tweet feed into a sugar-addict's paradise, stuffing it with more cakes, cookies and confections than a Food Network marathon – and we think that's awesome.

Just give them a follow and see for yourself.

1. @addapinch

addapinchRobyn Stone is the Georgia-based author of the super-popular Add a Pinch blog. She writes about a variety of topics, including interior design, traveling and homeschooling, but her southern-style dessert recipes are a real treat. Our favorite concoctions include her peach syrup and coconut paleo-popsicles. She also does a ton of giveaways and product reviews, which is all the more reason to follow her.

2. @alisonlewis

alisonlewisAlison Lewis is a TV spokesperson, a wellness travel blogger for the Huffington Post and the founder of Healthy Travel Magazine. Her blog, Ingredients Inc., is full of great recipes for natural, organic food that your body will love as much as you do. The "healthy" label might be off-putting to some dessert die-hards, but trust us when we say that you need to try it before you knock it. Her recipe for Baked Alaska should convert even the most fervent disbelievers.

3. @averiecooks

averiecooksAverie Sunshine started her blog, Averie Cooks in 2009 as a way to share some of her famous baking recipes with friends. Since then it's grown into one of the most delicious recipe resources on the Internet, which prompted Averie to quit her day job and to don the apron full-time. If you want to learn how to bake awesome peanut butter-fluff pancakes or some DIY Cosmic Brownies, this is definitely the woman to follow. You might also be interested in checking out her new cookbook, Peanut Butter Comfort.

4. @bakeanddestroy

bakeanddestroyNatalie Slater is a Chicago native who loves tattoos, punk rock and pro wrestling. Oh, and she also happens to be a cupcake decorating genius. Her blog, Bake and Destroy, is full of epic and edgy recipes for desserts like "Ring of Fire Brownie"_x009d_ and "Friday the 13th Slasher S'mores Cupcakes."_x009d_ You want some vegan cupcakes? She does those too. After you follow her, be sure to check out her Sugar Slam cupcake baking competition. It is the coolest – and perhaps only – pro-wrestling themed baking competition on the Internet.

5. @bakeat350tweets

bakeat350tweetsBridget Edwards is a cookie maven and the author of the blog Bake at 350. Believe us when we say that this woman can teach you to make cookies look likeanything – from KFC drumsticks to spooky spiderwebs to miniature wedding cakes. Though she recently published her first cookbook – Decorating Cookies – she continues to maintain her blog and twitter stream with the help of her son (who also happens to be the her chief cookie taster). Follow her, and then spend a few hours browsing through Bake at 350's amazing "Cookie Index."_x009d_ You'll be amazed.

6. @bakeorbreak

bakeorbreakThe popular amateur baking blog Bake or Break is run by southern native and current NYC resident Jennifer McHenry. She's a pro at coming up with classically-inspired "low effort, high reward"_x009d_ recipes for desserts like brandied cherries or chocolate-caramel pudding bars. It should come as no surprise, then, that Bake or Break is a featured member of Martha Stewart's selected network of blogs. If you want to learn how to make something delicious in a pinch, she's definitely the woman to follow.

7. @bakerella

bakerellaNo list of awesome baking bloggers would be complete without including the queen of the cake pops, Angie Dudley of Bakerella. Angie's blog is a virtual encyclopedia for all things baking. If you want tasty and easy-to-make recipes, she's got "˜em. If you want cool design tutorials, she has a ton. And of course, her library of cake pop tutorials is immense. Give her a follow and she'll show you how to create delicious, stick-mounted cakes that look like everything from cupcakes to Santa Clause.

8. @bakingaddiction

bakingaddictionJamie Lothridge is a middle school teacher by day and a very impressive confectionary blogger in the evenings. It's clear that her day-job influences her hobby, though, because her blog My Baking Addiction has evolved into an excellent resource for less-experienced bakers looking to polish up their skills. She publishes a wide variety of lessons and tutorials and even has a section on the site that focuses on teaching amateur chefs how to start their own food blogs.

9. @bakingbites

bakingbitesNicole Weston is a pastry chef, food writer and recipe developer based in Los Angeles. Her blog, Baking Bites, is quickly rising up the ranks of the cake-blogging hierarchy and the desserts featured on it have recently been mentioned in major publications like The New York Times and The London Times. Give her a follow and make sure to check out her recipes for pretzel bagels and homemade cherry popsicles.

10. @browneyedbaker

browneyedbakerMichelle Norris is a Pittsburgh native and a firm believer that dessert should always be eaten first. We have to say, we like that philosophy. Her blog, Brown Eyed Baker, features all sorts of recipes for cookies, cakes, bread and other baked goods. She also publishes a lot of "How-To"_x009d_ articles that aspiring cake masters should find incredibly helpful. If you're just getting into the art of baking, we highly recommend checking out her four-part series on how to build and stock a baking pantry.

11. @byEmily

cupcakesandcashemereEmily Schuman is the author of the blog (and now book) Cupcakes and Cashmere. The title is based on a mantra Emily came up with to celebrate the little pleasures in life, and the subjects that she Tweets and writes about do just that. Whether it's discussing the merits of plaid, the art of applying sparkly makeup or sharing her family's secret recipe for fantastic peach pie, she's got life's small joys covered – in a big way.

12. @cakejournal

cakejournalLouise Dueholm and her team of talented Danish bakers provide a wide variety of cake recipes and tutorials on her blog Cake Journal. Though Louise is self-taught, her dessert recipes are nothing short of professional-grade. But don't take our word for it – make some of her dark mocha buttercream frosting for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

13. @cakespy

cakespyAccording to owner Jessie Oleson Moore, Cake Spy is a "Dessert Detective Agency dedicated to seeking sweetness (literally) in everyday life. In other words, it's a really cool cake blog that features recipes, tutorials, confectionary-themed art and more. In addition to being a skilled baker, Jessie is an incredibly talented artist and her accompanying doodles make her blog posts – and tweets – a joy to read. Also, it doesn't hurt that her carrot cupcakes taste heavenly.

14. @cakewrecks

cakewrecksWhat's there to say about Cake Wrecks that hasn't been said by a legion of bloggers and newspapers already? What started out as a humble Tumblr page has grown into the Internet's leading source for horrible, hilarious cake-making experiments gone awry thanks to the efforts of owner and entrepreneur Jennifer Yates. We guess there's just something about seeing other people's baking catastrophes that makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It certainly makes our Twitter feed a lot more entertaining, that's for sure.

15. @candyblog

candyblogCybele May's Candy Blog is what happens when you combine the sugary genius of Willy Wonka with the Internet. The site is a compendium for all things candy-related, including reviews, spotlights, recipes and more. Follow her on Twitter and you'll learn more about candy in a day than most people do in their entire lives. For example, did you know that tennis star Maria Sharapova has her own line of sugary candy tennis balls? Well now you do. If you want to know what they taste like, then head over to the Candy Blog to read the full review.

16. @CannelleVanille

cannellevanilleWhere should we start with Aran Goyoga? She's a James Beard Award-nominated food blogger, a stylist, a photographer and the author of Small Plates & Sweet Treats. Oh, and she also happens to run a ridiculously popular blog known as Cannelle et Vanille, where she posts recipes for Basque-inspired dishes like strawberry and sheep's milk tarts and lemon, pistachio and millet cakes. We reckon that they taste even better than they sound.

17. @chocablog

chocablogThere are plenty of twitter accounts that focus on cakes and far too few that focus on the best part of cakes – the chocolate. Luckily, Don Ramsey of Chocablog aims to remedy that. On his blog and twitter feed, Ramsey covers everything that has anything to do with chocolate – from tasting it to cooking with it to purchasing it – and his subjects run the gamut from big-brand chocolates to small-batch artisan confections. Give him a follow and you'll learn to satisfy that chocolate craving in ways you never thought possible.

18. @cookieandkate

cookieandkateKate Taylor is a vegetarian baker who believes in eating healthy, organic foods. However, this isn't to say her food doesn't taste amazing. While her blog, Cookie and Kate, is beautiful – it was nominated as a finalist for Saveur's Best Cooking Blogs – the photographs of her creations are even more appealing. Her blueberry frozen yogurt looks like something that should be on the Food Network and we can't wait to try making some of her famous banana nut waffles. If her recipes taste half as good as they look, we'll be a very happy candy company.

19. @cupcake_daily

cupcakedailyThe Cupcake Daily blog publishes – what else? – a new cupcake recipe every day. While other blogs might post recipes more frequently, you'll be hard-pressed to find a site that posts better recipes than this one. Take a moment to examine their recipe for mini cheesecake cupcakes or blue velvet cupcakes with marshmallow icing and you'll see why they're a must-follow on Twitter.

20. @cupcakeblog

cupcakestakethecakeThe wildly popular Cupcakes take the Cake blog is run by "true cupcake fans"_x009d_ Rachel Kramer Bussel and Nichelle Stephens. Each month, Rachel and Nichelle's blog receives over 300,000 page views – and for good reason. They provide readers with a huge array of cupcake recipes from around the Internet along with some awesome product giveaways and bakery reviews. Become a "true cupcake fan"_x009d_ yourself by giving them a follow and trying out some of their recipes – like the root-beer float cupcake – in your own kitchen.

21. @cupcakeproject

cp cupcakes - squareStefani Hope Pollack is a St. Louis-based mother, writer, photographer, conference planner and – oh yeah – cupcake mastermind. Her blog, The Cupcake Project, features over 200 recipes and tutorials for a wide variety of classic and experimental cupcakes. Some of our favorite creations include her green tea cupcakes and her "Friggin' Fantastic Paleo Diet Fig Newton Cupcakes."_x009d_ Follow her for some great recipe suggestions as well as some clever and witty insights from a successful self-made mom.

22. @davidlebovitz

davidlebovitzDavid Lebovitz's self-titled blog is one of the most well-known culinary resources on the Internet. A pastry chef since the age of 16, Lebovitz has worked in the ritziest of restaurants in Paris and is currently considered to be one of the San Francisco Chronicle's Top Five Chefs in the Bay Area. Add him to your follow list and be amazed at what baking at the highest levels of the culinary industry looks like.

23. @DecoratedCookie

decoratedcookieMeaghan Mountford, the author of The Decorated Cookie, really knows her baked goods. The DC resident's colorful, creative and tasty cookies have appeared in Brides, The Washington Post, and The New York Times as well as on a few hundred different blogs and websites. Give her a follow for some inspirational ideas to get your next crafty baking project underway. If you like what you see, you can check out more of her work in her successful cookbook Sugarlicious.

24. @brewerandbaker

foodiebrideNobody does Tex-Mex better than a Texan – and nobody does Tex-Mex desserts better than Shawnda of Confections of a Foodie Bride. This Lone Star native has come up with a slew of desserts inspired by the open range, such as strawberry and goat-cheese salsa and margarita popsicles. Her recipes are easy to make, her photography is excellent and her Twitter feed is chock-full of good ideas. Add her to your follow list and see for yourself why everything tastes better in Texas.

25. @HowSweetBlog

howsweetblogJessica Peterson is not a fan of fennel seeds or spiders. She is, however, a fan of James Taylor and really good food. For instance, head over to her blog How Sweet it Is and look at her recipe for caramelized peaches and cream with a toasted crumble. Doesn't that look amazing? Though Jessica publishes all sorts of recipes, from entrees to aperitifs, her desserts are where her culinary talents really shine.

26. @joepastry

joepastryIn the real world, Joe Pastry is an independent food consultant to some of the industry's biggest brands and a cancer survivor. On the Internet, he's one of our favorite food nerds. His blog showcases how easy it is to incorporate scientific baking techniques into your projects in order to make them taste delicious and his recipes for almond cocoa genoise and madeleine cookies are to die for. His Twitter feed is entertaining, insightful and jam-packed with a bunch of ideas for your next dessert project. Give him a follow today.

27. @joythebaker

joythebakerJoy Wilson, better known as Joy the Baker, is quickly becoming one of the most popular women to ever hoist a rolling pin. Her cookbook is a best-seller, her blog has been named one of the Top 50 Food Blogs in the World by The London Times, and her recipes have been shared more times on Pinterest than even we can count. If you're hankering for some truly indulgent confections like white chocolate rose cake and homemade honeycomb candy, then make sure to give her a follow.

28. @MattArmendariz

mattarmendarizMatt Armendariz is a photographer by trade and a foodie by obsession. His blog, Matt Bites, is loaded with beautiful pictures of farms, food and fine dining as well as quite a few recipes. The photos he posts of mouthwatering meals are more than enough to justify giving him a follow– but the fact that he knows an awesome recipe for honeyed apple-peanut butter tarts doesn't hurt.

29. @ohmysugarhigh

ohmysugarhighEmilie Pianfetti is a mother of three, an avid baker and the co-owner of the up-and-coming baking blog Oh My Sugar High. Many of her recipes focus on using whatever ingredients she has on-hand to come up with creative concoctions like cinnamon breakfast bites and blueberry coconut coffee cake. We also recommend checking out her recipe roundups, which gather the best recipes around the web into one convenient article. She's a great person to follow if you're looking for practical and useful baking advice.

30. @SavorySweetLife

savorysweetlifeAlice Currah was recently named as one of Forbes' 8 Best Food Bloggers – and that's not even the biggest of her accomplishments. The mother and celebrated chef also hosts a cooking show on PBS and was the winner of Saveur's first ever Photo Cover Contest. The recipes she shares on her blog Savory Sweet Life, and the photos that accompany them, are equally impressive. Her zucchini bread tutorial and her peach strawberry smoothies should give you more than a few items to add to your next grocery list.

31. @smittenkitchen

smittenkitchenDeb Perelmen started the Smitten Kitchen in 2007 to highlight her culinary adventures in a tiny closet-sized kitchen in New York's East Village. Since then both her blog and her kitchen have grown immensely. Deb is now the author of a best-selling cookbook and a culinary celebrity in the Big Apple However, she hasn't let the fame go to her head. Smitten Kitchen's Twitter feed is still loaded with great recipes, reviews and giveaways. It's worth a follow for any foodie with a sweet tooth.

32. @stephcookie

stephcookieSteph Cookie is the mastermind behind the popular Aussie baking blog Raspberri Cupcakes. She's breaks from the traditional mold of cake makers by using ingredients like bananas, ginger and rhubarb to create masterful desserts that sound iffy but taste wonderful. We're not sure if that's standard fare in Australia or if Steph just has a strong creative vision, but either way – we like it. If you've got a sweet tooth and a curious palate, then you should definitely consider giving her a follow.

33. @sugardrama

sugardramaSugar Drama is the twitter handle for buttercream addict and Cookies and Cups author Shelly Jaronsky. When she isn't busy being a mom or watching whales of the coast, she makes awesome desserts. What we love about Shelly's style of cooking is that most of her recipes rely on combining common household ingredients to create confectionary masterpieces, such as her white chocolate lemon blondies and her devils' food Snicker's cheesecake cupcakes. Follow her on Twitter to get some awesome dessert recipes that won't cost you a fortune at the grocery store.

34. @Sweetapolita

sweetapolitaRosie Alyea is one of our favorite "craftsy"_x009d_ bakers. The recipes she posts on her blog Sweetapolita use an array of uncommon ingredients like hard candies and gold flake to create dishes that are almost too pretty to eat. If you're looking for a truly colorful way to light up your dessert tray, we recommend checking out her "Tuttiest Fruitiest Rocky Road Bars"_x009d_ and her "Artist Palette and Paintbrush Cookies."_x009d_ Before you ask – yes, those paintbrushes are edible.

35. @TwoPeasandPod

twopeasandpodMaria Lichty and her husband Josh are a couple of chefs who blog together at Two Peas and Their Pod. Many of their recipes offer "healthier"_x009d_ DIY alternatives to the desserts that we love – such as whole grain fruit-filled granola bars and "green"_x009d_ smoothies. While the family-friendly food they create might be lacking in calories, it certainly isn't lacking in taste. After all, there's a reason why Two Peas and Their Pod is currently featured among Babble's Top 100 food blogs.

Who would you add?

These might be our favorite sugar-slinging blogs on Twitter, but they certainly aren't the only ones worth adding to your follow list (and be sure to give us a follow as well!).

If you have a favorite baking or candy blog that wasn't mentioned, or if you happen to run a sweet little blog yourself, give us a shout out in the comments!

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