Out of Mother’s Day Present Ideas? Surprise Mom with 7 DIY Candy Crafts.

Mothers Day DIY Crafts

Your mom gave you life, don't botch her Mother's Day present! Instead, try one of these top 7 Mother's Day present ideas made entirely out of sweets and deliciousness. Candy makes great Mother's Day gifts, and with a little craftiness, you can put together some of these great designs.

Sweet Tooth Emergency Kit

Does your mom love treats? Make her this fun sweet tooth emergency kit for Mother's Day. It's perfect for her to take to work or keep in a drawer all to herself at home.

Besides buying a jewelry box with lots of compartments, the rest of this gift is totally up to you! Customize your Mother's Day present with a chocolate, gourmet, or sweet and sour theme. You know your mom best, so go with her favorite treats to make this Mother's Day present a hit.

Jolly Rancher Wreath

Make your mom something she can look at and snack on while she's at home or at the office. This Jolly Rancher wreath is super cute and yummy with dozens of sweet little hard candy morsels.

Jolly Rancher makes so many flavored candies. Choose by color or flavor to make the perfect edible Mother's Day wreath for your mom. You can also steal this crafting idea and use an entirely different candy like chocolate bars, lollipops, or whatever else your mama adores.

Mother's Day Candy Flowers

Instead of buying your mom real flowers that wilt and die, make her these edible and lovely chocolate flowers! Not only will this gift add a personal touch, but give mom something to display and devour.

Mother's Day candy flowers DIY craft for Mother's Day present ideas


The key to making this craft successful is using lightweight chocolates like these Dove bite sized candies. Then, choose heavy card stock and sticks so these chocolate flowers don't break!

Super Mom Chocolate Bars

All moms are Super Moms. Although these particular candy bars were made for teachers, you could easily change the message to talk to your mother.

Choose a king sized candy bar your mother likes then use some construction paper and string to give it the Super Mom look. When paired with a homemade card and a few other goodies, this gift is sure to make mom tear up.

Lollipop Flower Pot

We love this lollipop flower pot craft as an alternative to the chocolate bouquet featured above. It's much easier for a novice crafter or kids to pull off and doesn't take very long.

You can use cupcake liners or cut out your own petals to finish your Mother's Day lollipop flower pot. Just don't forget to add a sweet message like "I love you" or "Thanks for helping me grow into who I am today." Mother's Day is all about telling your mom how important she is to you—something she'll love hearing. And who doesn't love lollipops and suckers.

Edible Photos

Now this isn't candy per se, but you can print edible images of yourself and family to put on a Mother's Day cake! This smart baker walks you through a tutorial of how to customize your very own printer to print edible art. It's pretty cool, but can be messy so pay close attention to detail!

Once you've figured out an image to print and how to do it so it doesn't give everyone food poisoning, you'll need to bake a cake. We think a lemon blueberry cake with light icing would make a delicious canvas for your edible photo. Unveil it on Mother's Day brunch or for dessert. Your mom will be impressed and touched at the lengths you went to to make her smile.

Mother's Day Candy Bouquet

A huge bouquet of roses might be out of your budget for Mother's Day, but this DIY candy bouquet won't be. The key to making this Mother's Day gift look legit is adding lots of volume with pretty wrapping paper and cellophane—and choosing yummy candy to feature in your bouquet.

We wish mothers all over the world a Happy Mother's Day! We also wish the best of luck to the kids and spouses who are working on an awesome Mother's Day present. Follow this edible gift guide to create something your mom won't soon forget, and to remind her how much you love her.

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