Fancy Campfire Recipes Turn Camping Into Glamping

Campfire Cake

Some of us are more rugged than others. While the buzzing of mosquitos, hard ground for sleeping and lack of indoor plumbing are rousing for some, others may opt for a more glamorous option. Introducing, "glamping." You may have heard of it, but "glamorous camping" is one bandwagon we're happy to hop on! Modeled around taking all the luxuries you'd find at home to a beautiful and natural environment, it can be a truly relaxing escape. If you'd like to dial up your next camping adventure from franks and beans to fancier fare, give these next fabulous treats a try!

S'mores cones
We love a traditional s'more, but we'd be lying if we said they weren't messy! To class up your evening around the campfire and avoid smears of marshmallow around your mouth, try these amazing s'mores cones. With a sugar cone and any ingredient from marshmallows (that is a must), fruits, chocolates, peanuts, small candies and more, you'll have s'mores on steroids. Just stuff your cone with whatever goodies sound tasty to you, wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil, set it on the grill for a few minutes and unwrap to enjoy a molten cone of deliciousness!

Orange cinnabuns
Now this glamping treat will wake everyone up bright and early! Made from hollowed out orange peels, these cinnabuns are ready to be added to a cookie sheet or straight to the grates. Plus, the great thing is that you don't have to pack excess. Just bring enough oranges to accommodate the amount of cinnabuns you'd like to make (one orange makes two cups). Then, you can enjoy a fresh squeezed glass of OJ alongside your warm and gooey campfire cinnabun or in a fruit salad.

Cinnabun Rolls

Credit: Truly Simple

Put a lid on it desserts
If you're not hitting the trail too hard (more like parking the RV in an official campsite spot), then this jarred apple pie will travel quite nicely. Made to be individually sized, these adorable little pies taste and look great. If you have the refrigeration necessary, you can even bring some ice cream to make them à la mode. Make yourself and your campmates feel like they're at home when you surprise them with these little apple pies in a jar for dessert!

More Cinnabun Rolls

Credit: Boastful Baker

Sangria cups
After a long day hiking, fishing or tending to the camp, you'll really need a refreshing pick-me-up. That's why these on-the-go sangrias are such a great glamping treat! Since sangria needs to sit at least overnight, these little wine coolers will be ready to drink once you reach your campsite. Just sift out some of the fruit. Pour over ice (or leave the bottles in a stream or lake to cool to water temperature if you don't have refrigeration) and enjoy!

Camping Sangria

Credit: Mighty Mrs.

Gourmet s'mores
Going back to the Graham, you can still have an impressive dessert with traditional s'mores ingredients! Just add a few extra to really add sophistication to your palate. We found this incredible menu of s'more recipes that will make you drool and all of your friends want to tag along on your next camping trip. You can make them around the fire at your house too for a nontraditional dessert after a dinner party. It's amazing what a few twists on a classic can really do to make a timeless dessert even more amazing.

Gourmet Smorecones Menu

Credit: Healthy Diva Eats

Campfire cake
If rainy weather spoils your glamping plans, why not make due with this incredible dessert? There are tons of ways to bring the fun inside. Simply pitch your tent in your living room, spread out blankets, light a few candles (or fire in the fire place), snuggle up and eat good old fashioned hot dogs and burgers. The pièce de résistance will be this amazing campfire cake. You can follow the directions of the Hallmark version or you can use your own culinary wisdom to craft a version your own. No matter what you do, the effort will make your rainy camping trip indoors even more fun than the original plan!

Candied bacon "man candy"
Try not to atttract every bear in the forest when you fire up the charcoal grill or campfire to make this incredible candied bacon. With it's wonderful, savory aroma, sweet coating and salty chew, this is one decadent treat you'll want to eat for more meals than just one. The directions are for a 400 degree oven, but with a hot grill, you shouldn't have a problem getting a proper sizzle. You can also emit the chili powder if you don't like spice or amp it up to give your mouth a wake up call!

Candle stakes
Set the mood for your glamping adventure with some lovely lighting. You don't even have to do anything special by bringing fancy sticks. Those collected in the woods will do! Just make sure you pack as many candles as you'd like to have around your camp site and something to light them. Then, you can find sturdy sticks to push into the ground and make these lovely glamping candelabras. Just remember to choose light weight candles or you'll have a top-heavy hazard on your hands!

Candle Stakes

Hot dogs in a fancy blanket
Now, we know it isn't fancy, but hot dogs can get a makeover too! These little dogs are as tasty as can be in their glamified crescent roll bun. Plus, the most amazing part is that you only have to cook one thing and you're ready to eat. If you'd like to skip extra steps once these babies are golden brown and hot, add the ketchup and mustard to the inside of the crescent rolls before you wrap them. For a heartier option, serve with a heaping scoop of chili poured over the top and enjoy with a fork and knife. Just let your imaginative mind take your hot dog to new heights during your next camping trip!


Credit: DeLish

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