Easy DIY Candy Birds’ Nests Wedding Favors


Sleigh bells are ringing, menorahs are being lit, and someone, somewhere is setting up their festivus pole. That can only mean one thing – the holiday season is finally upon us!

Over here at candystore.com we love the winter holidays almost as much as we love arts and crafts projects. So we figured we'd kick off December with a project that combines our two great passions by writing up a fun tutorial for DIY Candy Birds' Nests.

These candy-stuffed nests make for an excellent project to tackle with your little snow birds. They're great as party and wedding favors, as table settings or even decorative stocking stuffers if you're feeling particularly jolly this season. What's more – when you're done devouring the chocolate inside of them, you can save the nests and redo the project for Easter as well. But that's enough out of us. You didn't come here to read about candy nests – you came here to build them. So let's get down to business then shall we?

What You'll Need

Wicker Birds' Nests (We got ours from Factory Direct Craft)
Chocolate Covered Almonds
Cardstock or Other Decorative Paper
This Bird-themed Place Card Template from Heirloom Paperie


This project is so simple that it almost doesn't need step-by-step instructions. However, for the sake of posterity we'll give them to you anyway.

1. Place Candy Almonds in Nest


2. Print Out Place Cards

For this step, you simply need to open the Word document from Heirloom Paperie, fill it in with the names of your family/guests and then hit "print."_x009d_


3. Cut Out and Attach Place Cards

You've got a couple of options here. You can either cut out the place cards so they can be folded like teepees or you can do what we did and cut out a horizontal strip for each name, cut out ribbon tails and place each card on top of their respective candy nests.


4. Enjoy

As you can see, there's a reason why we love these little nests so dearly. They're adorable, they're delicious and the entire project shouldn't take you more than half an hour in total, which leaves you plenty of time to bake gingerbread cookies, decorate the house or just spend some time with your family. We can't speak for everyone, but that sounds pretty sweet from where we're standing.


Spread Your Wings and Share!

If you built your own candy nests, or if you have any other cool candy holiday projects you'd like to see us cover then tell us about it in the comments below! We love to receive feedback from our readers and we just might share your holiday project with our fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Holidays,

The ACS Team

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