Snowman Showdown: The Greatest Snowmen Of All Time

Greatest Snowmen of All Time

Watch out Frosty. We have the ultimate snowman showdown to put your button nose to shame. From wacky to weird to naughty to funny, we found some of the top snowmen on the internet. If you want to branch out from building a traditional snowman this winter, get some ideas for the snowy months ahead here!

Upside Down Snowman

This clever snowman is built like its common cousin, but it's flipped on its head! Make your own acrobatic snowman by rolling the balls smaller at the bottom and bigger at the top. Then, you might have to do a handstand to adorn him or her with snowman accessories! If you have this fun snowman in your front yard, you're sure to get some gawkers as people drive by.

Snow Angels

You're not the only one who can get bundled up and make snow angels in the yard. Make a snowman shaped snow angel next to a snowman that's standing upright and lay another snowman down so he looks like he's in the act of making a pretty snow angel. It takes snow sculpture to a new level and will add an adorable touch to your winter wonderland.

Build a giant snowman in 10 seconds…

You might not be able to actually build this giant snowman in 10 seconds, but you can watch it happen that fast! This will require more than winter flurries to construct, but if you get a huge blizzard then embrace the flake and try this white giant. Your kids and friends will have a riot constructing it and it'll last for a long time even when temperatures start rising above 32 degrees.

Snowman Sign

This is an abstract snowman and we love it! With some reclaimed or salvaged wood, paint, and of course, snow, you can make your very own snowman stand. Even try your own phrase like, "Snowman supplies. BYOS! (bring your own shovel!)" No matter what funny saying you come up with, put this by your front stoop in a pile of snow for the mailman and your guests to enjoy on their way to your home—or mailbox.

Snowman Prankster

This is one naughty snowman! While realistic, there's actually a prankster hiding inside and you can probably guess the hilarity that ensues when a purported snowman comes to life before these unsuspecting pedestrians' eyes. Although it's bleeped, there is some implied strong language in this video, so viewer discretion is advised!

Snowman and Snowboy

How adorable! This "father and son" snowman family is the perfect new idea for your next snow day. Make your first snowman as you usually would and then tack on a smaller ball on top of his head. Then, get your hats, mittens, coal, carrots, and whatever else you want to use for embellishments to bring this duo to life. You can even riff off this even further by creating your own snowman family to mirror your own.

Snowman and snowson

1,299 Snowmen World Record

There's practically a world record for everything. From biggest cookie, to heaviest pumpkin, to the most snowmen built at one given time. We've already given you the number—1,299—but watch it happen yourself with this fun video. Think you can top it? Gather your coworkers and friends this winter and see if you have what it takes to throw the ultimate world record snowman showdown.

Garden Snow-woman

This snow-woman has a gardener's vibe, but she's also serving as a bird and squirrel feeder. What a great idea! Make your own snow-people and cradle their arms to form bowls for bird seed or bulk candy treats. Then, watch them get a ton of visitors throughout the day as hungry birds and squirrels scurry and flitter to her open arms.

Thirsty Snowman

We sure hope this snowman is over 21 because he's really hitting the bottle hard in the front yard. This funny take on the classically innocent snowman will turn heads as people walk and drive by. Choose your favorite drink, give the snowman or snow-woman an upturned head, and then build an arm to hoist up his/her beverage of choice. You'll be sure to get some laughs, head shakes, and a comment or two. You can even make a snow cooler so your snowman won't run out of ice cold beverages—and neither will you!

Snowman drinking

Texting Snowman

Oh, the modern snowman! This texting snowman is perfect and hilarious since it's a parody of our daily lives. While we don't recommend using a real cell phone (since snow does melt and turn back into water), you could always create one out of cardboard. Just make a few tweaks to your normal snowman design and you'll have a clever twist that will make people laugh.

Tropical Snowman

Not all of us live in cold weather climates (lucky!). And if you're at the beach this winter and don't want to miss out on the fun, then why not build a sand snowman instead of a castle? It'll take a little more patience and dexterity with the sand to get it to stick in perfect round balls, but you can always copy the snow angel design that's featured above and lay this sand snowman down to make it easier. People will get a kick out of a cold reference while they're tan and glistening on the beach.

Sand snowman

Full Moon Snowman

Oh no he didn't! This crass snowman is a shocker to see in a front yard, so maybe back yard is best. But it sure is an unexpected and funny way to surprise your family with your snow art. You'll need to borrow a pair of jeans for this one, but the design is relatively simple to make, doesn't take much snow, and sure is a change from typical snowman making protocol.

Snowman with pants down

Peeping Snow-Tom

April Fool's Day is still a ways away, but you can have some friendly fun this winter by creating this peeping snow-Tom. While the person you want to prank is sleeping, run outside and build this creepy snowman. Then, wake them up and tell them to let some light in and raise the blinds. What they find will surely wake them up right away and give them a laugh or two once the shock wears off.

Snowman's Toilet

This conscientious builder gave his snowman a snow toilet! While gross, it's another naughtier snow sculpture you can build to get a rise out of your family and neighbors. Make it a little less shocking by leaving the seat down!

Snow toilet

Get the proper technique!

If you're raring to go with some of these snowmen designs, then get back to basics and learn how to build the perfect snowman in this video. That way, your snowman will last longer and keep the fun coming all winter.

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