13 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Kids & Family Fun

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pie, and family and friends. It doesn't have to end there though. Bring even more to the table this year with these top Thanksgiving decoration ideas! Your kids will love putting these fun decorations together.

Turkey Wreath

Give your guests a giggle or a gobble when they knock on your front door with this tulle turkey wreath. By wrapping a foam wreath in black tape and orange and red tulle, you can transform your entryway into a fun and festive greeting area. We love the face on this turkey, but you can go for a more serious look if you're feeling less silly and more refined.

Leaf Lanterns

Using mason jars, twine, and faux leaves, you can make your own lanterns for the walkway or your Thanksgiving table. All you have to do is slather some Mod Podge onto the inside of these jars, let the leaves set, and then insert LED lights. You'll get a warm glow of autumn well into the evening and kudos for your savvy design sense.

Family Pumpkin

With a pumpkin and some paint you can make a decoration that symbolizes the meaning of Thanksgiving: being thankful for family, loved ones, and togetherness. Paint a pumpkin white (or leave it as is) and then pick a few different colors for the your own, your spouse's, and your children's hands. You can even incorporate your pets too for a cute alternative. Then, let the pumpkin dry and use it on the front steps or as a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Table Settings

This is a fun and lighthearted craft you can do with your family to spruce up the Thanksgiving table. Gather some paint, construction paper, scissors, and tape and make a personalized place setting for all of your Thanksgiving guests. It's something that will make them feel welcome and loved when they sit down to dine.

Thanksgiving Countdown Wreath

Thanksgiving is about mouthwatering menus, but it's also a celebration of what we're truly thankful for. This easy-to-make Thanksgiving wreath is a great way to keep that on the top of your mind all November long. With a wire wreath, clothespins, leaf cut-outs, and sentimental thoughts, you can get the whole family together to write what they're thankful for. Then, pin up a leaf every day and share the message with your household to make everyone smile.

Thanksgiving countdown wreath


Kernel Candle

Decorations don't have to take hours to produce. These hurricane candle holders are a staple you can keep in your home to transform depending on the holiday and time of year. We've seen people put holly, pine cones, and even fake snow in them, but popcorn kernels are a new and rustic look we love. Pour some into your candle holders, wrap them in twine or straw, and enjoy the autumnal look on your Thanksgiving table.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Keep the back up toilet paper rolls visible in your bathroom when you wrap them in fabrics and outfit them to look like pumpkins! You can put them in a basket and set them on the back of your toilet or stage something more ornate on your vanity. These pumpkins are a creative way to disguise toilet paper and give your bathroom a fall or Thanksgiving makeover.

Kid's Table Treats

The kid's table is something most Thanksgiving dinners have. Fill yours with fun decorations that the kids can have fun with while the adults dine and chat. These little construction paper turkeys are clever ways to disguise spill-proof juice boxes and give every child their own festive place setting.

Turkey juice box covers


Crayon Holders

While we're on the topic of the kid's table, we have another great addition for this year's Thanksgiving! If you want to enjoy some uninterrupted eating with your friends and family, print a ton of awesome coloring pages to keep the kids busy and set out these adorable pilgrim hat crayon holders so they can get creative.

Family Heirloom Table Runner

Another craft you can do with your kids and enjoy for years to come is this Thanksgiving table runner. With some burlap, rough cut linen, or any other fabric you like most, you can create a nostalgic piece. Every year, have your kids make hand prints and label them with their names and the date. You'll add on as they grow and every year, you'll be able to remember fun family memories from other holidays.

Pumpkin Candles

Get your power drill ready and gather some pint-sized pumpkins. Then, hollow them out, make designs you love, and put an LED light or candle inside. Even double up on this decoration's style and function by using them as both a lantern and a vase for fresh flowers.

Leaf Trees

Christmas trees are almost ready to make their debut, but you can also light up your living room with a Thanksgiving rendition: leaf trees! Using tomato cages, faux leaves, and string lights, frame your mantle with the warm glow of fall colors and a beautiful design.

Symbolic Signs

Celebrate family and Thanksgiving by making your own sign. This particular version spells out “Thankful,” but you can customize it to say whatever message you cherish. Then, hang photos of your family on the banner and place is somewhere prominent in your home to enjoy all November long. Insider tip: Make a bunch of letters so you can change out the message for the season and display this beautiful sign and photos of your family all year!

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