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10 Great DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

You are more than just a crafty parent, you are a DIY dynamo. So this Easter, don’t just settle for dying eggs with your kids. Whip those gloves off, invest in a solid craft table, and get creative with your bad self. Make an Easter bunny bottle. Build a colorful wreath out of plastic eggs...

17 Awesome St. Patrick’s Day DIY Projects

Maybe you’re planning the greatest St. Patrick’s Day party your town has ever known. Maybe, due to the fact that you have small children and a full-time job, you need to find something more productive to do on March’s biggest holiday than slamming back some Guinness and Jameson. Either way, you need some St. Patrick’s...

Sweet and Easy DIY Candy Jars for Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest here, we both know that you cut a few corners last Valentine’s Day. Sure, the chocolate and flowers were nice and all, but store bought tokens of affection will only take you so far. This is the 21st century. Craftiness is no longer a virtue when it comes to valentines – it’s...

9 Awesome Thanksgiving DIY Projects for Kids

When it comes to Thanksgiving, nothing brings a family together like arts and crafts. Well, there’s the traditional feast and post-dinner football, but beyond that craft time pretty much rules this holiday. Little projects like the making of those hand-print turkeys have become something of a rite of passage for American kids on Thanksgiving –and...

Haybale and Candy Acorn Place Cards

So it’s nearly Thanksgiving and you’re hosting dinner for your family and friends. The turkey is in the fridge, your finest silver is polished and clean, you’ve got autumnal decorations strung up around the house and now you just need to think of one last finishing touch to really put the fancy in this party’s...

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