diy — St. Patrick's Day

How To Go Green For St. Patrick’s Day – 13 Lucky Green Crafts & Recipes

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Or afternoon, evening, or middle of the night depending on when you’re reading this. To celebrate one of the greenest and liveliest holidays of the year, St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve found all things green—from sweets to crafts to décor. If you little leprechauns are looking for a way to celebrate March.

17 Awesome St. Patrick’s Day DIY Projects

Maybe you’re planning the greatest St. Patrick’s Day party your town has ever known. Maybe, due to the fact that you have small children and a full-time job, you need to find something more productive to do on March’s biggest holiday than slamming back some Guinness and Jameson. Either way, you need some St. Patrick’s...

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