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The Only Gummy Bear Post You’ll Ever Need To Read

Do you love gummy bears as much as we do? That is to say, have you walked to the nearest convenience store in below freezing weather just to buy a bag — and then eat the entire thing on the way home? Further, did you learn your lesson and buy two bags the next time,...

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Not Just the Chick-O-Stick: Atkinson’s Has Some of the Best Candy You’ve Never Tried

Some candies bring you back to a time you rarely remember. While writing about sugar-free candies, I came across one of those. As a little kid we didn’t have many places to hang out, but the owner of the local general store let us loiter outside. He was so kind, because we routinely exchanged our...

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Haribo Gummies

When you think of gummy bears, does a particular brand come to mind? I’m willing to bet that people fall into two camps. Either they don’t associate gummy bears with any particular brand, or they go right for Haribo. There is good reason why many people associate gummy bears with Haribo: its founder, Hans Riegel,...

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How Do They Make Sugar Free Candy Sweet?

We’re on a bit of a health kick here at CandyStore.com. It might seem odd to hear that the purveyors of sugar-filled treats has focused on health in recent weeks. We see no issue with it. You can live a perfectly healthy existence while indulging in your favorite confections every now and again. Last week...

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Sweets On A Plane: Will TSA Confiscate Your Candy?

TSA horror stories. We all have them, and they all seem absurd. Part of it has to be the very nature of the security screenings themselves. We know that they serve a purpose, but the way they’re executed seems like a violation of our rights. It doesn’t help that many TSA agents treat travelers rudely...

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