Your ultimate guide to candy trivia and facts!

The Best Sour Candy Brands: From Sour Patch Kids to Warheads

Our ultimate guide to popular sour candy brands. From sweet and sour to jaw-droppingly tart, there's a brand for every sour candy lover.

What Makes Sour Candy Sour?

Ever wonder what makes sour candy sour? Learn about the psychological cravings and science of chemical reactions in sour candy.

The Most Sour Candy in the World Ranked

The most sour candy in the world, ranked! See how we scored & ranked the most sour candy with our unique system of sour candy variables like Intensity and Duration.

The History of Sour Candy: From Ancient to Modern Times

Explore the fascinating history of sour candy! From ancient civilizations to modern times, discover how this beloved sour treat has evolved.

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