When Were Gummy Bears Invented?

Okay, hands up if you love gummy bears! ūüôĆ Yeah, us too. Have you ever thought: "When were¬†gummy bears¬†invented?" or "Who came up with this genius idea?"

We've got you covered. 

When Were Gummy Bears Invented?

Quick Answer:

Gummy bears were invented in 1922 in Germany by Hans Riegel. Frustrated at his 9-5 job, Hans started experimenting with hard candies in 1920 and invented gummy bears in 1922. 

They arrived in America in the 1980s, to much fanfare  

Who Invented Gummy Bears?

Alright, let's cut to the chase. Who was the genius behind these tiny, chewy wonders?

Hans Riegel from Bonn, Germany. Yep, Germany ‚Äď not just famous for sausages and beer, but also for gummy bears! Hans started a company called Haribo (can you guess the name breakdown? "Ha" for Hans, "Ri" for Riegel, and "Bo" for Bonn) way back in the 1920s.

He got this wild idea to make a candy shaped like dancing bears (inspired by the trained bears seen at street festivities in Europe), and voilà, the first-ever Haribo gummy bear was born.

They were initially called "Gummibärchen", which is a cute German way of saying "little rubber bear". Cool, right? Imagine trying to snack on something called 'rubber bear'. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it!

So, big shoutout to Hans Riegel for bringing these sweet, squishy treats into our lives. Imagine a world without gummy bears... Nope, we can't either.

Where Are Haribo Gummy Bears Made?

So, we've established that gummy bears hail from Germany, but where exactly are they whipped up today? Haribo, the OG gummy bear company, has grown MASSIVELY since Hans Riegel's days. They've expanded and now have multiple factories not just in their German homeland, but around the world.

The main production hub is still in Germany, in places like Bonn (where it all started) and Grafschaft. But with gummy bear love spreading worldwide, Haribo decided to go global. They've got production plants in 10 countries, from the UK to Turkey and even as far as Brazil. So, the gummy bears in your hand could have had quite the journey before reaching you!

It's kinda wild to think about. A candy that started in a small German town is now produced and enjoyed globally. Talk about a success story!

When Did Gummy Bears Come Out?

Okay, so we know Hans Riegel had this epic idea in the 1920s. But when did the rest of the world catch on to this chewy awesomeness? Well, after their German debut, it took a while for gummy bears to dance their way into other markets. But dance they did!

By the 1960s and 70s, these little bears started to make waves in European countries beyond Germany. But the big break? That came in the 1980s.

Gummy Bears Arrive in America in the 1980s

Haribo hit the American market and, boy, did gummy bears become a sensation! They became a staple in candy bowls, kids' parties, and even inspired a catchy cartoon series (yep, we're talking about the "Adventures of the Gummi Bears").

Now, gummy bears are pretty much everywhere. From corner stores in New York to local markets in Sydney, and the pockets of Navy SEALs these bears have truly gone global. And let's be real ‚Äď we're all better off for it!

The Evolution of the Gummy Bear Industry

Ever noticed how gummy bears aren’t just bears anymore? After Haribo introduced these squishy delights to the world, the candy industry saw the potential and jumped on the gummy train. And thank goodness they did!

Over the years, we've seen a massive surge in gummy varieties. From worms and snakes to fruit slices and even entire gummy pizzas, the creativity is mind-blowing. And the flavors? They've expanded way beyond the original fruit options. We’ve got sour gummies, spicy ones, exotic fruit flavors, organic gummy bears, and even some... let’s say, unique, gourmet options (like champagne or elderflower).

Another big evolution? The focus on health and dietary needs. Companies recognized that not everyone can, or wants to, munch on gelatin-based treats.

Enter: Vegan gummies, sugar-free versions, and even fortified gummies with vitamins or CBD. It's safe to say the gummy world has grown way beyond those initial bears Hans Riegel whipped up.

It's wild to see just how much the gummy industry has evolved, right? From humble beginnings in Germany to global candy domination, the journey of the gummy bear and its offshoots is a sweet tale of innovation and adaptation.

Gummy Bears Through The Ages

Gummy bears might seem like a simple candy, but they've undergone significant evolution since their inception, though they're made of basically the same good stuff they've always been.

From their initial traditional flavors and bear shape to the vast varieties available today, let's take a walk through the timeline of these chewy delights.

Changing Flavors, Shapes, and Sizes

While the original gummy bears were limited in flavors - often raspberry, orange, lemon, pineapple, and strawberry - today's gummy bear market offers an almost endless array of flavors.

From exotic fruit flavors to spicy chili infusions, there's a gummy bear for every palate. You can even make your own, it's pretty easy and super fun. And it's not just about taste.

Over the years, manufacturers have played with the size and shape of gummy bears, introducing giant gummies, tiny versions, and even gummy worms and animals other than bears!

The Gummy Bears's Pop Culture Impact

It's hard to deny the cultural significance of the gummy bear. Not just a candy, they've danced their way into movies, songs, and television shows. Remember the catchy theme song from the 'Gummi Bears' animated series? That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Gummi Bears Cartoon

Films have used gummy bears as comedic props, and artists have even penned songs about them. Their squishy form and delightful taste have made them a favorite reference in many a pop culture scenario.

In recent years, gummy bears have also been the muse for various art installations, with artists using these colorful candies to create everything from detailed mosaics to life-sized sculptures. It's evident that gummy bears, in all their chewy glory, have left an indelible mark on our cultural landscape.


The journey of gummy bears, from their humble beginnings in Germany to their present-day global dominance, is nothing short of fascinating. These squishy, colorful, and flavorful candies have transcended being just a sweet treat.

They've embedded themselves in our culture, evolved with our tastes, and have even made significant imprints on the arts and entertainment sectors.

Whether it's the tales of their invention, their cultural significance, or the unmatched global reach of brands like Haribo and Trolli, gummy bears are more than just a candy. They're a testament to the human penchant for innovation, adaptability, and the simple joy of savoring a delightful treat.

So, next time you pop a gummy bear into your mouth, take a moment to appreciate its rich history and the journey it took to get to you.

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