10 Christmas Candy Cocktails to Make You Warm, Merry, and Bright

Cocktails with Candy for Christmas

We're in full-out holiday party season, which means you probably have a lot of hosting or party-hopping to do. While we normally post a lot of family-friendly recipes, this one is strictly for grown-ups, so leave the kiddos at home and be naughty and nice with these delicious holiday cocktails.

White Chocolate Snowflake Martini

No two snowflakes are alike—and neither are two sips of these tasty Christmas cocktails. The first sip unveils velvety tasting white chocolate liqueur, the second gives way to crème de cacao, and the third finishes it off with sweet vanilla vodka.

White chocolate snowflake martini Christmas candy cocktail for the holidays


It's best to serve these cocktails with either shredded coconut on the rim or white sugar to achieve the full snowflake look. However, you could mix these up beforehand in a jar or punch bowl, so you're not stuck mixing drinks all night long.

Jack Frost Cocktail

Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Warm up with this seasonal cocktail you can enjoy on Christmas, New Year's Eve, and throughout the winter!

Blue Curaçao is the magical ingredient that gives this Jack Frost cocktail its signature blue chill. But if you want to incorporate this idea with another clear vodka drink, you could also use blue food coloring or Hypnotiq.

Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Cocktail

The mistletoe won't even be needed to get you a few smooches at your next holiday party—not when you make these mistletoe cocktails, anyways! While there isn't candy featured in this holiday drink, you could easily incorporate something sweet by using a cinnamon stick stirrer, crushed candy rim, or candy cane.

Fresh, whole cranberries and a sprig of rosemary really give this cocktail a holiday and mistletoe look, so don't forget to stock up on these garnishes to make these cocktails pop!

Santa Claus-mopolitan

This play-on-words is too cute to handle, and it's something Carrie Bradshaw might wish she invented! The recipe here is a traditional Cosmo—only the garnishes change—which is why we think it's such a smart cocktail to offer at your Christmas party this season.

Cosmos are an easy drink to mix up before guests arrive, since it doesn't include any dairy or ingredients that can curdle. Set out a bunch of martini or low ball glasses, get your shredded coconut or sugar ready, and pour to order.

Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

This recipe is great because it can be adapted to be non-alcoholic and still quite yummy. But for this rendition, you'll need to gather rum, dulce de leche, milk, and chocolate for melting. And if you want to put this over the top, use crème de cacao and vanilla liqueur.

Need an idea for a garnish? Try chocolate covered pretzel sticks, chocolate covered espresso beans, or chocolate hard candy sticks. Or, use a drizzle of fresh caramel to make these more divine.

The Grinch Cocktail

No one will feel Grinchy when you serve them these amazing holiday cocktails! That's because these cocktails have peach schnapps, Blue Curaçao, lemon-lime soda, cherries, rum, and more deliciousness.

You could make these even grinchier by buying Grinch straws or printing images of the famous Dr. Seuss characters and taping them to your glasses.

Candy Cane Infused Vodka

Infusing vodka sounds fancy, but it's a simple process. All it requires is time! Start with a bottle of vodka (unflavored), and throw in 5-10 candy canes. After it's been sitting for 48 hours, see if it's as minty as you'd like. If not, add some more candy canes and let it sit longer.

Infuses vodka can be used like simple syrups to flavor cocktails, hot cocoa, coffee, and even baked goods. Just make sure to store this in the freezer so it maintains freshness longer.

Candy Cane Cocktail

We primed you with the candy candy infused vodka above, so you can make these amazing candy cane cocktails! While this cocktail uses homemade white chocolate liquer for this recipe, the candy cane infused vodka you learned how to make above will add even more tastiness!

The mixologist here made these look quite chic with crushed candy cane rim, candy cane bark, and candy cane stirrer. You can follow suit or give these drinks your own fancy spin!

Jingle Bell Juice

Pink champagne, vodka, and lemon soda make this pretty, pink holiday cocktail come to life. However, the real magic of the presentation is found in the artfully frozen ice cubes.

Make these ice cubes in square trays and incorporate fresh cranberries, sprigs of rosemary, and other edible, fruity additions. Then, treat this like sangria or let people make their own drinks by leaving your artisanal ice cubes in a bucket.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday this season with these beautiful and fun Christmas candy cocktails. If you still have candy left on your shopping list, don't forget to browse our large selection of red and green candies for this special occasion.

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