April Fool’s Day – The BEST Pranks to Gotcha Your Friends and Family

April Fools Pranks the Best

Don't let the joke be on you this April Fool's Day! Watch some of the funniest pranks on the internet to give yourself a heck of a laugh. You might even pick up an idea or two as to how you can pull one over on your friends and family and have a good chuckle.

Fishing For Cash

This one never gets old. With a fishing pole and either a real or fake $20 bill, you can send your family scurrying around after it while you try to contain your laughter. It's a harmless and hilarious trick that might catch suspicious people off-guard on April Fool's Day. See how the people in this funny video reacted when they realized they were being pranked. You could also try this with some wrapped candy like candy bars.

Suds For Days

This one makes us laugh. Again, it's a harmless trick that everyone will be able to laugh about. If you're at the beach, you could do this to your family members. At home, you could do the same thing by pouring soap onto your kids' or spouse's heads while they're lathering up. They're sure to be very confused when the suds don't stop coming! Just try to keep your giggles to a minimum until they realize what's happening or you'll spoil the prank early!

House Hunters Prank

This prank went viral this year after a Paranormal Activity publicity stunt pranked unsuspecting house hunters. They rigged a home to seem like it was haunted and the peoples' reactions were priceless! How would you react if you were looking for a home and lights started flicking on and off and things started falling off the walls? Probably about the same! You could adapt this to a less scary version at home if you'd like to give your friends and family a fun, yet innocent scare this April Fool's Day.

Seven Prank Ideas

These are all really simple, friendly, and funny prank ideas you can do at home. Most include replacing food with something else—like mayonnaise being replaced with vanilla pudding and soda being subbed out for soy sauce. If you love a good practical joke that's all in good fun, then these are some great pranks to try at home on April 1st.

Lion Dog

We don't advise that you do this to your pets at home because they could get hurt, but this video was pulled off hilariously. After giving a lab a mane and letting it loose in various parks, it had people running for their lives because it really did look like a lion! In retrospect, the idea of a lion on the loose is pretty far-fetched, but to unsuspecting people, it sure got their adrenaline going! Take a look and have a laugh. It's hilarious.

Flour In The Hairdryer

This prank makes a huge mess, but who would ever see it coming? All you need to do is add talcum powder or flour to the end of a hairdryer and wait for the next person to use it. Don't do this on a busy morning when you need to get out the door. Try it on a weekend when it won't stress the prankee out when he or she needs to get back in the shower afterward. Give the video a watch and try not to crack up while doing so. We dare you.

Sour Straw

If you try this prank, the person sipping on the tampered soda is sure to think twice the next time you give them a drink. That's because you'll put ketchup in the bottom of the straw, so when they sip, the first taste will be a sour one. Sour straws, anyone? It's an unpleasant surprise, but something that we're sure will end in all smiles once the prank is revealed and you all have a good laugh. Here's how to pull it off:

Gullible Is On The Ceiling

People really will believe almost anything. This video is proof of that! After telling everyone that this car is the first of its kind to be made entirely out of food, you won't believe how easily others actually believe this to be true! It's really hilarious to see how people react once they find out and before the truth is revealed as well. If you're a practical joker, you could make up something as innocent and fabricated at home. Tell them it's hard candy, which can look like anything really. See if you can get people to buy it and then tell them the truth and laugh about it.

Spider Dog Prank

This is another super funny video that is funny to watch, but we wouldn't want you to try at home. After all, you wouldn't want your pooch to get hurt by accident, would you? After dressing this dachshund up as a giant spider, people flip out! In motion, he really does look like an unidentifiable hairy monster, so it's understandable why people have such a strong reaction. Get ready for some screams and laughs in this top prank video.

Scary Maze Game Prank

This one is kind of mean… but it's also very amusing. If you've heard of the “scary maze game,” then you know it's a “maze” that people try to solve. While they're concentrating, a scary face pops up and screams at them. If you didn't know what it was, now you do. Your friends and family may have heard of it by now, but this video is too good not to watch. Again, it's a little mean in the moment, but everyone seems to laugh it off after the initial shock passes.


Plastic Wrap Prank

This prank was done for Christmas, but we don't see why you couldn't use this idea for wrapping someone's desk at the office or the things in your own home! The pranker went to great lengths to wrap nearly every surface in his friend's house. What would you do if you came home and found the same? Probably scratch your head and then laugh. Give it a try this April Fool's Day to see how your kids react when their tooth brushes, shampoo, and favorite outfits are wrapped. It'll be a prank no one will forget.

Balloon Prank

These brothers went in on this prank together and caught the public off-guard. It would be very mean to do do a stranger, but since they're both in on it, it's really funny to watch. You and a family member or friend could pair up as well and do some pranking of your own. Just make sure it's all in good fun and no one gets hurt! Get some inspiration from this funny video.

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