Cherry Pie M&M Sugar Cookies Recipe – And Blueberries Too!

Cherry Pie Cookies recipe M&Ms

Thanks for stopping by to check out these cherry (and blueberry) pie cookies. I saw some cherry pie cupcakes a while back while sifting through my Pinterest feed and was inspired to try it in cookie form. The result was delicious. I love icing-covered sugar cookies, and the addition of the M&M's was an added bonus.

If I could have done anything differently, I probably would have piped the icing a bit thinner, but that's why these recipe tutorials exist: to give you ideas so that you can do it better. I plan on making these again for the kids on Christmas Eve, just because the red M&M's are so festive. I'd also love to make some sugar cookies wreaths.

This is definitely a recipe that you can do with your kids. My 2-year-old helped me sort out the M&M's (there are far more blue M&M's than red) and then put them on top of the sugar cookies. Keep reading to see how easy and fun this recipe was, and we're talking about our new Pinterest group board after the tutorial is over.

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies
What you'll need:
-A tried and true sugar cookie recipe
-Red (and/or blue) M&M's
-Icing (in a piping bag)

1. Bake your respective sugar cookies according to the recipe. I used a pre-packaged sugar cookie from Pillsbury, but I probably should have used a homemade recipe so that the cookies could be perfectly circular. Take the cookies out and while they're still soft and hot, place the M&M's on top.
Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

2. Let the cookies cool for about an hour, or longer if you're willing to wait. You don't want the icing to melt when it touches the cookie. Drag your icing around the cookie and then make the lattice work using thin strips of icing.

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

We think they're perfect for Christmas, or even for a summertime picnic. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below, especially if you made your own version! And don't forget to pin with us over on the Candy Store Pinterest! We now have a group board called "Delicious and Divine Desserts" and we'd love for you to join.

Cherry and Blueberry Pie M&M Cookies

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