12 Costume Makeup Tutorials That Will Totally Turn Heads This Halloween

Halloween Makeup Tutorials & DIY Costumes

Whether you're into cosplay, are going to Comic Con, have a Halloween party, or just love to dress up, you want to look the part. To help you be the star of the costume party this year, here are some of the trendiest DIY adult costume ideas of 2016.

Stranger Things Costume

If you haven't watched Stranger Things, you're probably part of the sad one percent that's missing out! This show exploded on Netflix and has been making waves across social media and talk shows since. For those who have watched, you know exactly what this dual costume means. For those who don't, start binging the show to catch up!

The "Wynona" and "Upside down" gateway in this photo didn't post directions, but you can DIY this look with Christmas lights, an old phone with a cord, a floral shirt, and some paint. DIY costumes are awesome since you can make them your own, so either go all out like these two, or simplify the look.

Donald Trump Costume

This is gonna be yuuuuuge. That's right. This man (love him or hate him) has dominated the news for the past year. Even if he wasn't running for president, his trademark voice, puckered lips, furrowed brow, and horrible combover would make him a subject of discussion. Want to be "The Donald?" Here's how:

If you do dress up as Donald Trump for Halloween, be careful. Political tension might call for unwanted attention!

Emoji Costume

Emojis are the silly cartoons we substitute for actual words. It's practically a new language. You can be super trendy at your next Halloween party or while trick or treating by following this genius's tutorial.

You'll need to gather paint, tape, string, face paint, and some construction paper to mimic some of these looks. However, it's a simple and cheap costume you can whip up in a couple hours. No scratchy wigs or tight costumes necessary.

Snapchat Costume

Snapchat filters have gone viral. Celebrities use them, regular old Joe's use them. Pretty much everyone is obsessed with these freaky-fun filters. Want to look like a real-like Snapchat filter? You'll be a hit at your Halloween party if you follow these steps below:

The key to making this costume a success is investing in great body paint. You'll want highly pigmented and long-lasting costumes to make a statement.

Popcorn Costume

What goes best with all of the movies and shows that came out this year? A bucket of popcorn.

This isn't your typical bucket of popcorn either. It's incredible sweet and charming and could probably pass as fashion on the runways of Paris. Besides the shirt, you can take liberties with the bottoms. For instance, wear a skirt like the woman in this photo, or opt for pants, a jumpsuit, or sweats. We like that she went with the classic yellow, red, and white stripes of a popcorn container, but use your imagination. Even include real popped popcorn to keep you accessorized and stave off hunger all Halloween night!

Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and True Blood Costume Tutorial

The Walking Dead and American Horror Story are still kicking. That means so is the buzz surrounding these blockbuster shows. The woman in this video tutorial shows you how you can use simple makeup techniques to take your costume game up to Hollywood level.

While monsters, zombies, and freaks may have stolen the spotlight, you can also use this tutorial to create a True Blood inspired vampire costume. Whichever one you choose is sure to make your Instagram friends jealous.

Star Wars Cast Costumes

Star Wars: The Force Awakens blew people out of the water this year. The genius screenplay built on the classic storyline and brought back beloved characters. Comic Con was chalk full of Wookies, Jedis, and other Star Wars characters. This video will show you how to recreate costumes for Han Solo, Padme, Queen Amidala, Princess Leia, and the Jedi.

You might need a little more skill to recreate these Star Wars costumes, but the woman in the tutorial is great at showing you how to do it simply and on-the-cheap.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Oh. Khaleesi. How the people love you. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, then you're probably super pumped she's finally on her way to Westeros! Show your support of the queen-to-be by dressing up as Daenerys for Halloween, Comic Con, or another event.

If you don't have long golden locks, don't worry. You can buy a wig and braid it yourself. Then, you can purchase cheap cloth for the modest queen's wardrobe and get to putting the whole look together. The one thing missing here is dragons, but you could always break out some stuffed animals for accessories!

Pokémon GO Costume

People have been scampering around for months trying to catch Pokémon in the most unexpected places. This is just one character, but undeniably one of the most famous. Pikachu's iconic look is also pretty easy to recreate for a costume. Just follow the directions like so….

Not a fan of this yellow critter? You can learn how to be Charizard and more. Whatever you do, make sure people catch you in this awesome costume this year.

Kylo Ren Costume

Kylo Ren might be scarier than Darth himself. He's completely cloaked, insanely powerful, and brooding. So it's natural you'd like to slip into this dark character for the night right? Well, this video below will show you how to achieve the Star Wars Kylo Ren look.

This Kylo Ren costume would be even cooler if you get a group of friends to dress up as other Star Wars characters. Just try to take it easy on Han, okay?

Suicide Squad Costume

Love it or hate it, Suicide Squad burst into theaters this year with its twisted characters and crazy costumes. Harley Quinn was amongst the cast and one of the most notorious of the film. If you have a significant other, have one person dress up as the Joker and one as Harley and you'll be a demented match made in hell.

We love this costume because it's pretty cheap to make. You can buy colorful hair extensions or just the cheap cans of temporary hair color. Then, rip up a t-shirt and you'll be good to go.

Eleven Costume

Stranger Things might be one of the biggest fan-favorites this Halloween and Comic Con. This isn't an adult costume per se, but it very well could be! Adults have babies anyways, so if you're dressing up as the characters we featured above, your whole family can play the part!

To achieve this look, get your little girl a blonde wig (or leave her bald for a more accurate Eleven look), give her Eggos, a denim jacket, and you'll be set! Just don't subject her to using her telekinesis to unleash any Demogorgons please.

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