14 Monster Themed Dessert Recipes for Halloween

Monster themed desserts for halloween

Monsters don't have to be scary. Especially when they come in sweet form! This Halloween season, try out some of our top monster recipes to make everyone scream with delight.

Give a new meaning to "Cookie Monster."

These colorful cookies are a trick and treat at the same time! From afar, they look like a colorful bunch of sweet treats. But up close, you'll have a starring contest as you take in their creepy design! It's hard to find a cookie that's more fun and delicious than these though. They're a blast to make with your friends and family and can set the mood of any Halloween party. Make a platter of these to set out on a dessert tray or wrap them up in their own little baggies to give out as party favors.

Wrap your apps—mummy style.

The little piggies in a blanket will cry "wee, wee, wee all the way home" when they see these scarier renditions coming out of the oven! That's because these mummified pigs in a blanket put a whole new spin on a classic appetizer. By altering your wrapping style around either full size or mini hot dogs, you'll come out with a Halloween-worthy treat. Set these out on a dish before the main course at your party or even make a pyramid of candy to behind them. Just use your imagination and these certainly will be mummy—whoops, we mean yummy!

Sweep everyone off their feet.

Your kids might be having Halloween parties in school or even a fundraising bake sale. If so, try these witch's brooms! They're incredibly easy to make, take only two ingredients and can be set on a platter in an informal setting or wrapped up individually to sell to hungry patrons. You'll cackle at how impressed your friends will be (and those of your children) because of the simplicity behind this wicked treat.

Bring Frankenstein pops to life!

It's alive! It's alive! And we're sure glad they are. These Franken-pops are not only an awesome culinary feat, but a fun Halloween recipe you'll love. Either make square cake pops to go underneath or use a marshmallows dipped in green icing! Then, decorate as you see fit. You can follow the recipe exactly or bring your own creation to life on your own.

Make an eye-popping dessert that's a piece of cake.

We don't know about you, but we certainly wouldn't mind if this was the monster hiding under our bed. That's because this monster is made of sweet frosting, fun cake pop eyeballs, and a Halloween orange and black that's incredibly festive. While this may look a little complex, it just requires a different technique for applying icing and a lesson in cake pop making. Get your kids to help you and you'll be done in no time. Then, the monster will be scared of you guys eating him—and not the other way around!

Orange Cake Monster


Roll your deviled eyes.

If you just shrieked, "Ew!", then these deviled eyeballs did their job! They're meant to give you a creepy crawly feeling and then surprise you with how delicious they are. With just a bit of food coloring, you don't have to do anything else differently while making your favorite deviled egg recipe. These can be brought out at a Halloween party for adults or served to your kids on the morning of Halloween for a fun and memorable breakfast. "See" for yourself when you make these deviled eyeballs!

Deviled Egg Eyeballs


Make snacks that bite back!

Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you have to go overboard with the sweets. You can still inject the same amount of monster madness into your snack time with kids when you make these apple monster bites. With sunflower seeds, granny smith (or any apple you like best) apples, strawberries, peanut butter, chocolate chips for eyes, and a little bit of white icing or a yogurt covered raisin, you'll transform healthy, whole foods into a terrifying treat! Surprise your kids with some of these tucked into their lunch boxes to rev them up for costume time throughout the month of October.

Sink your claws into black cat cookies.

We promise you won't have any bad luck if you eat these black cat cookies. Using classic Halloween candy like M&Ms for the nose and candy corn for the eyes (or red hots if you prefer a more sinister kitty), you can make your favorite chocolate cookie recipe really purr. Bring these to an October event, set out a platter for adults who are trick-or-treating with their kids, or just make them because they're purr-fectly delicious.

Black Cat Cookies


Decide which witch to eat first!

This is all in the decoration. Use whatever recipe you want for the cupcake and then spice it up with funky colored icing and cupcake wrappers. Then, buy chocolate ice cream cones and have fun with icing decoration. Once everyone takes a bites out of these, you'll cast a spell over them with your culinary magic.

Cupcakes With Witch Theme


Say "boo!" to junk food.

Give your kids a bit of a detox this Halloween season while still maintaining the fear factor with these banana ghost snacks and clementine pumpkins! These are so simple to make and only take some slicing and dicing. Then, you can use celery for the pumpkin stalks and chocolate chips for the ghost eyes and mouths. These boo-tiful snacks are a perfect treat for Halloween morning and can also make a typical October lunch all the more festive.

Ghost banana bites


Make desserts that fly higher.

If complicated desserts aren't your thing, you don't need to "bat an eye" at a recipe. Just buy some chocolate truffles, melt chocolate, get a piping bag for frosting and you'll be good to go! Bats are a staple for the Halloween season and you'll see them in every Halloween store for décor. We think they're just as fun as desserts. And dare we say… even more delicious.

Toast your ‘mallow monsters.

Summer isn't the only time for s'mores. These monster s'mores are perfect for the fall and around Halloween time! They can even be made for a little one's birthday if they love silly monsters. There isn't much you'll need to do differently with these s'more monsters than you would with regular s'mores! Just top them with eyeballs and a spritz of green food coloring and they'll be ready to terrify your tastebuds with how good they are!

Get creepy crawly.

The 8-legged treats will make your skin crawl when you look at them, but delight your mouth once you take a bite. With a simple cookie recipe, drizzle of chocolate syrup, and peanut butter cup, you'll have an awesome Halloween cookie to enjoy. Try making some of these simple cookies with your kids during October so you can get them excited about Halloween night!

Satisfy your sweet fang.

Ve vant to suck your blood. And trust us, you'll vant to taste these cookies too! Taking Christmas gingerbread to the dark side has never been more fun or scary. These little vampire gingerbread men can be made with your family gingerbread recipe and then just decorated to look like Dracula himself. Wrap these harmless little blood suckers up individually to give them out to friends or trick-or-treaters or just keep a platter around your house for a fun reminder of Halloween! You can even swap sugar cookie dough in for gingerbread if you prefer.

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