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The WORST Easter Candy (and the Best) 2024

The WORST Easter candies definitive list. Cadbury has the worst and the best Easter candy. More candy is sold for Easter than Halloween! See what people hate and love.

The WORST Christmas Candy 2023

The WORST Christmas candy, ranked. What is Reindeer Corn anyway? Our customers ranked the absolute worst Christmas candies this holiday season.

Most Popular Valentine's Candy by State

Discover your state's favorite Valentine's Day candy with an interactive candy map of America, featuring 15 years of sales data. Hover over a state to reveal the top-selling candy.

Most Popular Christmas Candy by State [Interactive Map]

Christmas candy map of America gives the top candy in each state during the Christmas holiday season. Is your state reindeer corn or candy canes?

The New Christmas Holiday Season Candy for 2018

Reese's made a candy Christmas tree that looks like the Christmas Poo, Mr. Hanky. Some Pickle-flavored candy canes and finally Kinder is here in the US.

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