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Nov 30, 2023 By Ben George

Ah, Christmas, a time of warmth and cheer, where everything sparkles a bit brighter. Just for the fun of it, we like to poke the polar bear. We asked our customers to dish the dirt: what's the absolute WORST Christmas candy out there?

It's tricky tlaking to folks about the candy that they don't like. They often have a lot to say, and it's hard to get them to stop!

We sell lots of different candies, and we think all of them are pretty great. But we know not everyone feels the same way. The things some people say they don't like about certain candies are just what they think, not what we think. /disclaimer

Look, candy is a big deal to a lot of people. What kinds of sweets you like or don't like comes from all sorts of places, like things that happened when you were little. There's nostalgia and maybe even a little PTSD.

It's kind of funny, but sometimes the candies that lots of people buy are the same ones that other people really don't like. And for some, the more they see a certain candy around, the more some might start to really not like it. It's the same old over-exposed argument that we see with things like pumpkin spice in the autumn.

Most Popular Christmas Candy Map

The Most Popular Christmas Candy Map

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So we asked our customers if they wanted to tell us about the Christmas candy they liked the least... and wow, did they have a lot to say!

It was like they were happy to get all the yucky feelings out. To those of you who shared and are now feeling all chill, a big thanks for telling us what you think.

So that's how we figured out which were the worst Christmas candies. We were already asking people a bunch of questions, and we just added one more at the end to see what they'd say. And guess what? More than 7,000 bulk candy fans gave us their answers!

Without further ado, the top ten WORST Christmas candies.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's only and in no way reflect the opinions of

Top Ten Worst Christmas Candy 2023

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Honorable Mention - Peppermint Candy Canes

Alright, so peppermint candy canes didn't make it into the top ten worst, but they're still worth talking about. They're super popular during Christmas, like everywhere! But guess what? Even though lots of people love them, there are also plenty who really don't.

Candy Canes are on the Worst Christmas Candy List

Our team was like, "What? How can anyone not like candy canes?" They're big sellers, and you see them on Christmas trees and decorations all over the place in December. They're super famous!

Here's what we think: Sometimes, if you see something a lot, you might start to like it less. It's kind of like when your favorite song plays too much on the radio and you get tired of it. If candy canes are everywhere you look, maybe that's why some people aren't their biggest fans.

We are not here to judge, only to convey survey results.

Ok, now the official top ten. 

#10 Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark Christmas Candy

Last year, Peppermint Bark was a bit more on the naughty list, ranking at #9, but this year it's moved to #10. It's still not a crowd-pleaser, but maybe it's getting a bit more love? Or maybe there's just something else that's less popular now on the Christmas Candy by State Map.

It's still causing some debate, though. Some people really aren't fans of Peppermint Bark. It's like you walk into any candy store during Christmas, and bam, it's everywhere. And let's be real, a Peppermint Bark smoothie? That's just a regular peppermint smoothie, no bark about it.

For me, it's all about that crunch. Peppermint Bark should be like crunchy toffee, but sometimes it's just kind of soft and bendy. When it's not crunchy, I get why people might not like it.

#9 Chocolate Oranges

Chocolate Oranges Candy

Looks like Chocolate Oranges are getting a bit more attention lately. Last year, they were at #10, but now they've moved up to #9. Seems they're becoming more popular, or maybe just a bit less disliked?

I've never tried them myself, but I thought they had real orange slices in them. That'd be pretty cool, right? Like a chocolatey, orangey surprise.

Turns out, they're actually just milk chocolate (not as awesome as dark chocolate, in my opinion) with this orange cream inside. Some fancy-sounding brands call it 'Crème de Orange', but let's be real, it's just orange cream. No need to make it sound like it's straight out of a fancy French bakery.

I'll let those who've actually tried them be the judge of how they taste, though.

#8 Lifesavers Story Books

Lifesavers Storybook Candy

Lifesavers Story Books, those old-timey candies, are hanging out at #8 this year. They've actually moved up a bit from being #4 last year. Maybe they're not so bad after all, or there are just other candies that people like even less?

Here's the thing about these candies: Lifesavers themselves are pretty cool, but when they're packed in a book-like box for Christmas, it's kind of a letdown. It's like, "Hey, here's a book... just kidding, it's candy!" And not even special candy, but the same old Lifesavers you can get any time. Plus, they often end up forgotten on a bookshelf, never to be opened.

#7 Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix

Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy Mix

This year, the Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix dropped a spot from #6 to #7. It's kind of been hanging out in the middle of the 'not-so-favorite' list for a while now.

These candies are like something from a time machine – they look like they could have been pretty once, but now they're just kind of old and faded. They're the candies that you see in a bowl at your grandma's house, all stuck together, looking like they've been there forever. I mean, have you ever actually thought about trying one? They're more like decorations than something you'd want to eat.

*Editor's note: We've had to clean up some of the comments for this article. Let's just say people have very strong opinions about their least favorite candies!

#6 Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy is hanging out at #6 again this year. Seems like it's just as unpopular as last year.

Most people say Ribbon Candy is all about looks, kind of like a Christmas decoration. It’s bright and colorful, but when it comes to taste and texture, well, it's a bit of a letdown. It's like watching those baking shows where everything looks amazing, but then the judges say it tastes not-so-great. That's Ribbon Candy for you.

It's mainly used for decoration, so it's kind of odd that it’s not higher up on the 'worst' list. It's called candy, but trying to eat it is a whole other story. It's super awkward to even take a bite.

So, yeah, eating Ribbon Candy isn’t exactly a hit. But hey, there are still five other candies that people like even less!

#5 Peeps

Peeps Christmas Candy

Let's talk about Peeps. You know, those squishy, colorful things that sort of look like marshmallows but feel totally different. Eating them is like chewing on some kind of sweet, rubbery foam. It's basically like sugar coated with more sugar. Some people think they're fun, but others? Not so much.

These Holiday Peeps have been moving up and down our 'worst' list. They were #7 last year, and now they're at #5. It's like they're doing a little dance on the list. Some people are super into them, and some really, really aren't.

So, yep, Peeps are kind of a big deal in the love-them-or-hate-them candy world. But hey, there are still four other candies that people aren't fans of.

#4 Candy Canes - Non-Peppermint

Non-Peppermint Candy Canes like Rainbow Fruit

So, people usually like the real deal, right? When you take a classic like candy canes and change it up, sometimes it just feels weird. Some people might like the new twists, but a lot of times, these new versions don't stick around for long. They can seem cool for a bit, but then they just feel kind of gimmicky.

It's normal for popular things to get copied and changed a bunch of times. Candy canes are no different. But the new versions, like rainbow fruit candy canes, didn't get a lot of love. And don't even get me started on the really out-there flavors like pickle! A lot of people don't even know these wild candy cane flavors exist.

#3 Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials

Cherry Cordials With Weird Liquid Inside

Cherry Cordials have been bouncing around the top 5 for a while now. Last year they were #2, the year before they were the worst, and a few years back, they were at #5. This year, they're at #3, which is a bit better, but they're still not winning any popularity contests.

So why do people have a tough time with these candies? Chocolate? Great. Cherries? Awesome. But mix them together in this way, and things get weird. It’s all about how they're made.

Sometimes a surprise inside candy is cool, but not this time. What's with that weird, watery, sugary liquid that oozes out? It's just... icky and gooey in a not-fun way. If you don’t want to make a mess or look at the weird insides, you have to pop the whole thing in your mouth in one go.

But really, how many times can you handle a whole cherry cordial in your mouth? Once is probably enough, and then you remember why you weren't a fan last Christmas.

#2 Christmas Nougat - Still the Champion

Christmas Tree Nougat Candy is the WORST

Looks like Christmas Nougat candies were hoping for a comeback. They were the runner-up a couple of years ago, and for a moment, it seemed like they might escape the top spot. But nope, they're back at #2, firmly stuck as one of the least favorites.

Here's the deal with these candies: they're chewy, which makes you think of yummy caramel or chocolate, but then you get a blast of mint, and it just feels weird. It's like your brain and your mouth can't agree on what they're experiencing. Total brain-mouth confusion!

And let's talk about how they look – some are like sad, minty poker chips, others like something from an old Jello mold. When you bite into them, they start off tough, then go all gooey, and you instantly know you've made a mistake.

Plus, they stick to your teeth like crazy! You end up chewing in all sorts of weird ways just to unstick them. Then that odd mint flavor hits, and yikes, it's just the worst!

#1 Reindeer Corn

Reindeer Candy Corn for Christmas

Just when you thought Reindeer Corn might get a break, it's landed right back in the top spot. Yep, it's officially the #1 least liked Christmas candy again. Looks like not much has changed since it was #2 a couple of years ago – people still aren't fans.

But hey, not everyone agrees. I mean, I actually like Reindeer Corn. Maybe it's because I'm from Michigan, and we seem to love it here. It's got that sweet, sugary taste and brings back all those holiday memories. It's like a piece of classic America, right? But I get it, not everyone's on board with this one.

And you know what? Reindeer Corn is actually pretty popular, too. It's one of those candies that really splits opinions. Love it or hate it, it's a big deal during Christmas.

So that's our list. What did you think? Agree, disagree? Comment below. Try to keep it PG, please. :)

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's only and in no way reflect the opinions of

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