The 20 Worst Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Sayings

Browsing the #rejectedcandyhearts section on Twitter is entertaining (albeit, really inappropriate depending on the submission, so reader discretion is advised!) After reading these, you'll be happy your store-bought Necco conversation hearts are polite and sweet because these sure aren't! And if you'd like to get a custom candy heart message to share with friends, head on over to our candy heart generator for a laugh.

You'll Do

Ouch. Settling never feels good, and this conversation heart is just darn mean!

Can U Cook?

It's definitely a plus…

You Sound Like Your Mother

It's inevitable, all of us do in the end!

You're NOT The Father

Leave it to Maury Povich to make the jump from trash TV to trash candy.

Be My First Failed Marriage

I guess this person isn't into the whole 'til death do us part thing.

Eating My Feelings

Nothing a big carton of ice cream can't fix!

How About Never?

Eek. Well, at least they didn't lead you on!

Who Cares if We're Cousins?

Not cool for Karen Smith or anyone else.


If the internet can't make a pandemic funny or callous, who can?

You Have a Great Personality

The equivalent of saying that's all you have.

Ima Let You Finish

Homage to an interrupting Kanye, but up in the air as to how you take this candy heart!

My Love is Like a Red Rash

Descriptive, poetic, and gross.

Yay Platonic Friends

Everyone loves getting the friend card, right?

Do it for the Kids

They'll be off to college soon anyway.

U Cray Cray

Some of us more than others.

You're the Meh of My Dreams

No one can stink eye quite like Anna, and whoever invented this conversation heart saying.

I Live With My Parents

Next to “long walks on the beach” and “loves dogs” this is one sexy fact to put on your dating profile.

Dead Inside

Valentine's Day makes us all feel that way at some point or another!

Yeah. No.

Sometimes it's just a flat out heck no.

Is Your Mom Single?

Mrs. Robinson had it going on, and so does your mom it seems.

We hope you have a much more pleasant Valentine's Day than the recipients of these candy heart messages! If you need inspiration for what to tell someone you love (or just want a good laugh), check out our candy heart generator for something you can share with friends. Or if you need to drown your sorrows in some candy, shop all sorts of chocolates, sweets, gummies, and more on

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