The Tradition of Valentine Candy

The old traditions and the new were thus combined to create the Valentines Day we know today, in which sweethearts give each other gifts like flowers or candy and declare their love.

Do It Yourself Valentine Chocolates

Nothing says I love you like an effort made to create something special, unique and home made for your sweetheart. Don't worry that your valentine chocolate creations won't look as good as store bought, the thought really is what counts and, believe it or not, it isn't as difficult as you may think to create beautifully presented chocolate candy pieces.

Valentines Day Candy

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, chocolate fondue for two anyone? A special trend for a unique and romantic date is chocolate fondue by a roaring fire. Fruit can be used for dippers but my personal favorite is marshmallows.

New Year Candy

New Year celebrations are gearing up for all of us celebrating January 1, on the Gregorian calendar and candy has its rightful place as part of any New Year party. Colored candy is really hot and so are candy buffets.

The History and Tradition of Advent Calendars

A tradition born in Germany, the Advent calendar has naturally become a favorite amongst children around the world. Not only do kids savor their tiny daily treat but the anticipation and suspense they experience as Christmas Day gets closer is palpable.

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