8 Thanksgiving-Themed Cocktails Filled with Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice …Which Means Booze. :)

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

Hosting Thanksgiving while remaining zen is quite the challenge. That's why cocktails are a must! While you're zooming around the kitchen choreographing which dish goes into the oven when, take a load off by sipping on one of these Thanksgiving-themed libations.

Candy Corn Martini

Have leftover candy corn from Halloween? Make a candy corn martini! Be forewarned, these are mighty sweet and rich since they contain cream, cake flavored vodka, and a candy corn rim. But if you save room, you can enjoy sipping on these candy corn martinis pre or post feasting.

Don't forget! This recipe requires infusing your vodka with candy corn 24 hours or more in advance. To get optimal candy corn flavor, give your vodka ample time to chill, so it will help you chill come Thanksgiving day.

Bourbon Apple Cider

Ever have a Hot Toddy? This bourbon apple cider beverage is pretty similar, but served cold. Shop for fresh pressed cider and your favorite bourbon, then garnish with a cinnamon stick or apple slice.

Bourbon apple cider cocktail recipe to try this Thanksgiving


This would be even better with a caramel candy on top or crushed caramel rim! Shop for caramel candies like Rolos or Werther's to make this this incredible variation.

Pumpkin Spice Punch

Love pumpkin spice? You're definitely not the only one. Instead of shackling yourself to the bar all night, make this pumpkin spice punch to keep your guests refreshed and lively.

We love how this mixologist used cinnamon sticks and fresh sage leaves for garnish, but you could also use a cinnamon sugar rim, drizzle of caramel, or dollop of whipped cream on top. You can also dress up the punch bowl by surrounding it with pumpkins, gourds, and fresh fallen leaves.

Cranberry Moscow Mules

Moscow mules are unmistakeable in their copper mugs, but don't worry if you don't have special barware on-hand. Part of the beauty of this seasonal cocktail is its coloring and fresh cranberries, so glassware will show off the drink in a different yet lovely way.

This is another cocktail you can mix up well before guests arrive, so it's ready to be poured. Just make sure you chop the limes within an hour of when you're expecting company, or they'll shrivel and brown. You can also play with muddling the cranberries for a tart burst and redder color.

Thanksgiving Sangria

Sangria is the perfect cocktail because it can be customized for any season! This Thanksgiving sangria uses red and white wines with apples, pears, and other spices to make it seasonally on-point.

Worried about spilling? Opt for the white wine version. Love red? Get some pinot noir and try the dark version. If you have picky guests, you can always make both, but one variety of this autumn spice sangria should do the trick—and be guzzled down without protest!

Apple Pie Cocktail

Apple pie might be warming in the oven in preparation for dessert, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed with the appetizers too! Mix up this apple pie cocktail for a taste of the goodness to come.

Thanksgiving cocktail recipe for apple pie cocktail


For this recipe, you'll need to buy vanilla vodka, cinnamon spiced bourbon, simple syrup, and apple cider. This cocktail connoisseur also used a flavorful sugar rim and a cinnamon stick to top it off, but you can use an apple slide, twist of an apple peel, or whatever else sounds good and thematic to you!

Hot Buttered Bourbon

Since most everything else on Thanksgiving is coated in delicious butter, why not make your cocktails follow suit? Hot buttered bourbon is a classic people love. It makes your house smell yummy and takes the chill off of a brisk Thanksgiving day.

These hot buttered bourbons are best served in mugs, since they'll be too warm to hold without a handle. If you're planning on making how cider, it's easy to make both at once. Start with a traditional hot cider recipe and then divide it into two pots. One will need butter and bourbon, and the other can stay non-alcoholic and equally as tasty.

Spiced Pear and Apple Martini

Apples and pears are at the peak of their season at the end of October, and supermarkets will be full of them for you to bring home. Enjoy the freshest pears and apples of the year when you use them in this spiced pear and apple martini.

You're welcome to use store-bought apple juice, but pressing your own will send these martinis over the top! Whenever you have cocktail recipes that only use simple ingredients, it's best to opt for foods and spices that are packed with flavor and freshness.

Make this year's Thanksgiving even more delicious when you try some of these fantastic seasonal cocktails. Need an idea for thew perfect Thanksgiving dessert? Check out our post featuring tons of amazing treats.

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