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8 Thanksgiving-Themed Cocktails Filled with Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice …Which Means Booze. :)

Hosting Thanksgiving while remaining zen is quite the challenge. That’s why cocktails are a must! While you’re zooming around the kitchen choreographing which dish goes into the oven when, take a load off by sipping on one of these Thanksgiving-themed libations. Candy Corn Martini Have leftover candy corn from Halloween? Make a candy corn martini!.

Bastille Day Recipes for French Food Will Start a New Revolution

July 14, or Bastille Day, marks the start of the French Revolution. If you have French heritage or love French food, you can remember the fight for political equality with these yummy Bastille Day recipes for French Revolution food. Mini French Dip The French dip is a classic dish. With a fresh-baked roll, roast beef, and savory.

11 Epic Sports Party Recipes & Snacks To Pump Up the Party

Ok, you need to make your Super Bowl party epic. That means a killer food selection. Not just the Super Bowl though. We wanna up our game across the board for any sports party recipes. Tailgating, March Madness, NBA Finals, high school football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse. Depending on your region, you’re going big for.

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