11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

It might sound like not such a big deal, but choosing wedding favors can be very stressful. They're small, sure. But they're also a gift from the bride and groom to all in attendance. You want it to be a warm, personal gift that won't break the bank.

As you might imagine — and indeed might have experienced — candy makes for great wedding favors. You have tons of options of not just bulk candy, but also in its presentation. We've gathered 11 ideas that are sure to be hits for whatever you're planning for the big day.

Personalized Hershey's Kisses in Custom Boxes

Cute boxes are always a great way to deliver wedding favors to your guests. What to put in those boxes? You have a ton of options for wedding candy, of course, - including shopping candy by color - but think about your guests. Do they want a box full of potpourri? Or would they prefer something a bit sweeter?

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Offbeat Wed

Filling those boxes with candy will delight your guests. We suggest going with something personalized, such as DIY Hershey's Kisses from Offbeat Wed. You make the design, print out the stickers, and slap them on the bottom. It's amazing how much better Kisses taste with that personal touch.

Custom Candy Bars

If you'd rather go big, you can still make a personal gesture to your guests. The solution: printable candy bar wrappers. You can do this pretty easily, especially if you follow the tutorial at Intimate Weddings. Get a ton of one kind of candy bar, or opt for a variety. You're kind of limited, since ideally you want the candy bars that are wrapped in foil and then in plastic (Hershey's Bar, Nestle Crunch). But you can still pull off a favor everyone will enjoy.

Jelly Bean Jars

Who doesn't love jelly beans? They're not only delicious, but also versatile. If you have a heavily color-themed wedding, jelly beans can play that perfect complement. Something Turquoise presents a tutorial so that you can jar up jelly beans of your wedding's theme colors and hand them out as favors.

Here's another great idea: inserting a personal message to your guests inside of a jelly bean jar. This one from A Sign of the Times is absolutely perfect. It requires a different kind of jar, but there's a much more personal effect. Not only is there the note, tied up in a scroll, inside, but the blue and white jelly beans make it feel like a real message in a bottle.

Either way you go, you can't go wrong with jelly bean favors, especially in creative glassware like this.

Bulk Candy in Mason Jars

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Bride Bug

While wrapped candy might seem more appropriate for a wedding favor, bulk candy is just easier. And let's be frank: most of the times the best candies are the ones you'll find in bulk. So how do you package them so that your guests love them? Mason jars, of course. Check out this bit of inspiration pinned to Bride Bug. You can go far out and find bulk candies that you won't find in just any candy store.

Candy Place Cards

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: The Knot

In addition to favors, you'll also have to plan place cards for your wedding. Perhaps your venue takes care of that. If so, consider yourself lucky. If not, you might want to get a little creative. Why not combine the place card and favor?

I had a friend do this. He's a film director, so they created mini popcorn tins with our names and a movie reference. Boho Weddings found this neat one via The Knot: Robin's Eggs in a bucket. You could try a few different candies, but Robin's Eggs just feel right.

Custom M&Ms and Tins

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: M&M Weddings

Chances are you've been to a wedding with custom M&Ms. Maybe you've been to several. We get it: people like using custom M&Ms for their favors. While it might be a bit overdone, that doesn't mean that you can't do it yourself. After all, why let other people's choices affect yours?

M&Ms has an entire section of the site dedicated to wedding-related items, inclduing custom prints and tins.

Cake Pops and Cones

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Style Me Pretty

Here's another great idea, courtesy of Style Me Pretty. If you can bake, you can create cake pops for your guests. Just use a lollipop stick and insert it into the cake ball before you dip it in chocolate. You can add a personalized little label to it as well. If you want, you could absolutely make thse your place cards as well.

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Style Me Pretty

If you're looking for something a bit outside the box, check out this other idea, also from Style Me Pretty. If you can find some mini ice cream cones, you can top them with the cake balls and have them out for guests to take home as favors. But be forwarned, chances are they won't make it home with your guests.

Flower Petal Lollipops

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Sprinkle Bakes

While this favor might work best for a springtime wedding, thanks to the flower petals, it can really work at any time. Having a purple-themed wedding myself, I can see this having worked as a favor even though I got married in the fall. Sprinke Bakes shows you how to create lollipops with flower petals inside them. Just match up the flowers and lollipops to your wedding's theme colors and you'll be all set.

Box of Gummies

I absolutely love this one, if for no better reason than Haribo Frogs are my favorite gummies. Conceivably you could do this with any kind of gummy, but something substantial from Haribo will probably work best. As you can see on Pink Orchid Weddings, you can wrap these elegantly, with ribbon and all. Your guests will get a nice, sweet surprise when they open it up.

Rock Candy!

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Something Turquoise

Look, we love rock candy. It's so versatile. When it comes to wedding favors, it might be the perfect candy. We turn back to Something Turquoise for this phenomenal DIY rock candy wedding favor tutorial. She takes you from start to finish, creating color-themed rock candy sticks that your guests will love.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Not gonna lie: I'm including these because my wife and I had chocolate covered pretzels as our favors. We found what appeared to be a great company online that was going to make custom pretzels with wrappers and custom ribbons for us.

And then they cancelled our order two weeks before the wedding, for what appears to be no reason.

We ended up buying them from the store and wrapping them ourselves. My suggestion: make them yourself. You can find a great tutorial at And They Cooked Happily Ever After.

11 Candy Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

Credit: Bright Hope for Tomorrow

If you're feeling particularly creative, you can try creating these killer bride and groom pretzel rods. Find a detailed tutorial at Bright Hope for Tomorrow and absolutely dazzle your guests.

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