Need a Wedding Shower Theme? Plan A Candy-Inspired Bridal Shower with This Tutorial

How sweet it is to be loved by you! If you're searching for a wedding shower theme (or one for a baby shower), search no further. A candy-themed bridal shower is both sweet, adorable, and delicious. Here's all you need to know to plan your own candy-inspired bridal shower for a special couple.

Wedding Shower Invitations

Turn a candygram into a wedding shower invitation with the following ideas.

Candy Stick Invitation

These candy stick invitations unroll like a scroll and fit into a standard envelope—making mailing them cheap and easy.

These custom candy bridal shower invitations are awesome because you can use whatever colors and style matches your aesthetic. Use the tutorial for the construction, but leave the color and pattern selection up to the bride!


Why not mail something edible along with your wedding shower invitation? This tutorial will show you how to make these cellophane party invitations, but we suggest using something a bit more quaint than gummy worms.

Lovebug candy wedding shower invitations

Also, this example of a candygram was actually a wedding favor. You can steal the idea for the nuptials or alter the message to one of an invitation. Something like "Shower the bride-to-be with sweetness" would be a cute way to go!

Lollipop Invitation

Sucker for somethign sweet and adorable? Then you'll love these faux lollipop wedding shower invitations! Here's how to get the look.

Either use real giant lollipops and hand-deliver them, or make your own faux lollipop wedding shower invitations for a lovely and more durable design.

Drink Station

A candy theme translates wonderfully into your bridal shower refreshment station. Read on to see for yourself.

Candy Garnishes

Using wooden skewers for brightly colored candy is a gorgeous and yummy way to incorporate candy into your bridal shower. Set these out as dessert or next to cocktails for beautiful and edible garnishes.

Candy garnishes for wedding shower decoration ideas

The great thing about this candy addition is that you can customize it to match your event. Shop for candy by color, shape, size, and flavor to make your candy-themed bridal shower cohesive and amazing.

Bridal Shower Cocktails

You don't have to make everything drip with candy to carry on a candy-themed wedding shower. Take this cotton candy margarita for instance. Think outside the box on how you can bring candy into every aspect of your shower. The guests will love your ingenuity!

Like this cotton candy margarita? You could also try candy-infused vodkas and make your own special cocktail for the bride-to-be!

Candy Ice Cubes

At your wedding shower, you'll want to make sure the drinks flow freely and stay at the right temperature. But ice cubes can be so boring. That's where these custom candy ice cubes come in!

You can either use a candy-shaped ice cube mold like the one above or freeze actual candy into ice cube trays. Get creative and go with your gut—literally!

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Part of what makes bridal showers so special are the details. Deck out your wedding shower with the following candy-themed accoutrements.

Candy Centerpieces

Rent a cotton candy machine as the focal point of your candy-inspired wedding shower! And get more life out of it by using some cotton candy sticks as whimsical centerpieces.

cotton candy centerpiece wedding shower centerpiece decoration idea

If you're on a tighter budget, you can also purchase batting and spray paint it pink. It'll have that cotton candy look, plus it'll last longer!

Table Numbers

If you need table numbers for a larger candy-inspired bridal shower, try these! They're super easy and you can reuse the candy for the wedding itself.

Wedding shower centerpiece idea: candy centerpieces


You can follow this master crafter by using number candles and bubble gum or you can make your own numbers and fill mason jars with another type of candy. The options are endless.

Lollipop Centerpiece

If you're already planning on ordering lollipops for bridal shower invitations, get a few more to make these adorable, bright, and cheerful lollipop centerpieces. These can serve two-fold—as decorations and party favors.

Make sure you choose a deep enough vase to keep these lollipops upright. You may also use florist foam underneath all of the loose candy to hold these lollipops in place. Droopy bouquets—whether floral or edible— are no bueno!

Bridal Shower Decorations

Now that you have the invitations, centerpieces, and drink station under control expand to the larger party decorations!

Candy Monogram

How cute would it be to take this candy monogram idea and incorporate a heart and the fiancé's initial? So C <3 C in candy!

Gumdrop letters wedding shower decorations

This is a super easy DIY wedding shower decoration you can make in an hour or so. Go to your local craft store and get a large letter stencil. Then, trace it on heavy cardboard. Paint the front of the cardboard white, so it looks clean when parts of it show through the candy. Then all you need to do is hot glue gumballs all over the front. Mount it to a wall and you'll have a gorgeous and memorable photo backdrop and wedding shower accessory the bride will love.

Lollipop Walkway Decorations

When guests first arrive at the bridal shower, welcome them with the candy theme the second they step out of the car. These lollipop sidewalk markers are really cute, affordable, and easy to make at home.

If the bride has bridesmaids, enlist them to help! This is an easy DIY wedding shower craft anyone can do.

Candy Lanterns

If your wedding shower has a garden party theme, make these candy lanterns. They're super etherial, thematic with your candy-inspired event, and functional.

DIY candy lanterns wedding shower decoration ideas


Paper lanterns are cheap and come in tons of colors. You'll just need to add the tulle and ribbon to give them that wrapped candy look.

Wedding Shower Desserts

Put a cherry on top of an incredible candy-themed wedding shower by making some of these sweet treats.

Candy Bark

This candy bark is so bright, colorful, and happy! It'll look wonderful on your candy-themed dessert table or wrapped up in cellophane as party favors.

Start with a white chocolate and then copy this baker's recipe or add other candies you know the bride loves. We really do love the rainbow effect this candy bark has, but it's up to your tastes and preferences.

Candy Buffet Bar

Don't want to make dessert? Set up your own candy buffet bar instead! Once you have the method down, it's pretty simple. Learn how to make your own candy buffet bar with our tutorial.

The key to any candy buffet bar is combining complementary colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. Make sure you get a range of flavors and types of candies to make the candy buffet both visually interesting and delicious.

Bridal Shower Favors

The guests will handle the bridal shower gift ideas—all you need to do is plan the favors! Here are some of our favorite candy-inspired parting gifts.

M&Ms Candy Wedding Favor

The way to most people's hearts is through their stomach. Top off your wedding shower by sending everyone home with a sweet treat. Even consider getting personalized M&Ms made for an extra special touch.

This tutorial will show you how to make these personalized M&M party favors. You could also simplify the whole process by scooping treats into baggies and tying with a ribbon and a thank you note.

Strawberry Bridal Shower Favors

We love these strawberry candy wedding shower favors because they're sweet, delicate, and super femme. Choose between pink and red sprinkles, chocolates, gumballs, and more to get the look.

DIY wedding shower favors

If people are in a rush to head out the door, keep these favors in a basket by the exit. That way, people can help themselves and won't miss out on your thoughtful wedding shower favor.

We hope your love is as sweet as your candy bridal shower! Please share photos of your event in the comments section.

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