Daintee Ginger Cuts Candy - 30lb

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Ginger candy is yummy and good for your belly!

62 pieces per pound (1860 total)

Price per pound $6.43

Daintee Ginger Cuts Candy - 30lb

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Bring a warm earth-toned look to your candy buffet along with the fiery kick of ginger! Ginger Cuts hard candies are made with real and natural ginger oil, so their spicy taste is remarkably realistic and makes a great sweet to suck after meals.

Offer a gourmet alternative to mints in a restaurant or after a meal in your home, or simply bring some spark to your desserts with individually wrapped Ginger Cuts candy.

These glossy round pieces of ginger-flavored hard candy coe in bulk and are individually wrapped in clear cellophane that shows off their golden, orange, and brown ripples. They look exquisite in a candy jar on a dessert table, where they bring sophisticated depth to a honey-colored palette. Try these delicious ginger treats crushed over ice cream or on their own!

About 62 pieces per pound (1860 total)

Price per pound $6.43

SKU: O343551

Certified Kosher Candy


Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural Ginger Flavor, and Artificial Color (FD&C Yellow 6, Red 4, and Blue 1.)

Customer Reviews

Ginger flavor very mild

Wish they had little more ginger flavor and less sugar. Nice size pieces.

by Wanda 2/26/2016
Gingerlicious heat and sweet

These are absolutely the best ginger candies outside of crystallized ginger I have ever sampled. The sharpness referred to in another review is inherent in cut candy and melts away within 3 or 4 seconds.
I must confess to being a lover of all things ginger, including red heads. These cuts have a perfect flavor balance between sweet and heat.
I keep a few in my pocket to hand out when someone needs a "smile pill" It is amazing how offering someone a piece of candy saying "here have a smile pill" gets a smile every time. I also have found these to be more effective for a sore throat or dry cough than most cough drops. Other uses I've tried and loved include: smashing into small pieces and sprinkling on ice cream or adding to cake mix or icing, added to a cup of hot tea and allowed to dissolve.
Aesthetically they are quite satisfying also. Like little nuggets of rare amber.
I highly recommend these to anyone who likes ginger.

by David P Curtis 1/29/2016
Great taste.... but

I love the taste, but the edges are very sharp and have slits on them. You can cut your mouth which I have done a couple of time.
Pros: Great taste, last a long time. Good bulk candy.
Cons: the edges are very sharp, there are slits in the edges and I have cut the inside of my mouth a couple of times.

by Letrisha Fritch 5/23/2011
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Daintee Ginger Cuts Candy - 30lb

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