Mini Assorted Fruit Gummi Worms - 5lb

  • $15.99

Mini gummy worms each have 2 juicy fruity flavors packed into their little 2-inch bodies!

Worm length: 2-inches

Price per pound: $3.20

Product Details

Our wild fruit gummi worms will tempt taste buds with their long, chewy bodies and 12 irresistible flavors! Every kid recognizes the familiar worm shape of these retro candies. Each includes a flexible body with little segments and a round head. Our gummy worms include a cute face to make snack time more enjoyable. Pour in a bowl, serve on top of ice cream, or use as a fun cake decoration. Kids and adults will love our bulk gummy worms!

SKU: K358538

Worm length: 2-inches

Price per pound: $3.20

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