Blink Pops Flashing Lollipop Candy - 12ct

  • $19.99

Push the button and the lollipop lights up with blinking light!

Price per pop: $1.67

Product Details

Make snack time brighter with candy that literally glows! Our bulk Blink Pops combine the sweet taste of fruit with a memorable package.

Each piece includes an orb of solid confection that stands atop a thick stick with a clear dome-shaped cap. An LED is hidden inside the stick and can be turned on while enjoying the treat.

As the LED glows, it illuminates the orb on top to create a sparkling effect that is just as eye-catching as it is delicious! Our fabulous Blink Pops come in three fruit flavors. Taste the sweetness of Glimmering Green Apple, Sparkling Strawberry and Twinkling Blue Raspberry.

Each includes a color scheme that matches the flavor so you know which Blink Pop you're about to enjoy. Our bulk Blink Pops box is a convenient way to fill treat bags for birthday parties, picnics and more! Hand them out as prizes at school activities or save them as a fun surprise at snack time.

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