Blue & White Hypno Pops Lollipops - 100ct

Blue & White Hypno Pops Lollipops - 100ct
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Mesmerize guests, loved ones or anyone else you meet with the wild look of our blue and white Hypno Pops! This confection is unique, with classic lollipop elements redesigned to create something that's both delicious and original.

You have seen the simple round lollies usually displayed in glass jars in a small candy shop. Well these beautiful blue candies offer the same look with slightly twisted charm. Our blue and white Hypno Pops start with a disposable stick and a disc of hard candy. Instead of a perfectly round profile, these unusual candies are a little misshapen, giving them a dreamy look that really is hypnotizing!

The captivating shape matches the spiral of white that wraps around the middle of each lollipop. Bulk lollipops are the easiest way to get large quantities for birthday parties, holidays, weddings and showers. Give them out as party favors or use them as a unique lollipop gift for someone with a unique personality!

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