Bonomo Turkish Taffy Banana - 24ct

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Banana - 24ct
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Turkish Taffy is a divine candy you won't want to miss!

1.5 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $1.96

Product Details

Banana Turkish Taffy is a deliciously fruity snack with a unique texture. The original Bonomo Taffy was created by Albert J. Bonomo's son Victor. Albert came to America from Turkey.

Once here, he founded the Bonomo Company located in Coney Island. The company produced delicious confections including hard candy and salt water taffy.

Victor had a different idea and decided to combine the best of both treats into one product. His Turkish taffy recipe included egg whites and corn syrup prepared in a batter then baked. What makes Turkish taffy original is the texture. Each bar is hard and can be shattered yet retains the chewiness that everyone loves.

Our bulk Bonomo Turkish taffy box includes many full size bars in banana. Each is individually packaged with a wrapper bearing the classic Bonomo taffy logo and text. It's a nostalgic candy that's a great choice for holidays, parties and gatherings!

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1.5 ounces per bar

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