Caramel Block - 5lb Bulk

Caramel Block - 5lb Bulk
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A giant hunk of caramel.

Price per pound: $12.00

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When it comes to creating delicious treats at home the number one ingredient is going to be yummy candy. When you buy a bulk caramel block then you will have enough delicious goodness to create a whole kitchen full of treats that will feed an army. One of the best things about this caramel product is that it will make anything into a treat. Eating fruit can be a difficult thing to get kids to do, well learn how to cover it in caramel and you have created a fruit snack that no kid can resist.

This has been the secret recipe for caramel apples for many years. Simply heat up the caramel put an apple on a stick and dip. Once the candy coating has cooled, you have created a snack that will be remembered forever. This works for other fruit as well. Some cover strawberries and some will cover bananas but probably the best selection is to offer a plate of fruit and the melted candy as a dipping sauce. More fruit will disappear than you believed possible.

Certified Kosher Candy

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