Candy Corn Nougat Fluffs Candy - 3lb

Candy Corn Nougat Fluffs Candy - 3lb
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Price per pound: $9.33

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These Candy Corn Nougat Fluffs Candy feature a beautiful candy corn picture in every piece��making them ideal and unique candies for the Halloween season. It's candy and art and our hearts are just pitter pattering for it!

In bright white and orange, these fluff balls of deliciousness will feel like a cloud in your mouth as they melt away into sugary deliciousness. Add some to your trick-or-treating stash, sprinkle a few in your child's lunch bag for a Halloween surprise or decorate the Thanksgiving table to keep the season's most famous candy in the spotlight for even longer. Stock up today and get ready for Halloween and a season full of tasty treats!


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