Charms Sweet Pops - 48ct

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The best thing about a lolly pop is that it last for a long time!

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The best thing about a lolly pop is that it last for a long time. Leave it to Charms to develop an old fashioned sucker that will last a long time and provide people with a individually wrapped session of fruity goodness. These sweet pops come in assorted flavors so it can satisfy cherry, grape, blue raspberry, orange and even watermelon lovers. These are a delicious candy treat that candy lovers of all ages simply love.

The great appeal of this candy is that it contains a sweet taste that comes in one flavor or another that appeals to everyone. Since it takes longer than fifteen seconds to devour this piece of candy, it provides a value that other styles of candy just can't compete with. There are many different types of suckers out there but the Charms Sweet Pops provide all of the crunchy, sweet candy enjoyment that anyone could want.

SKU: K337485

Flavor List

Cherry, Grape, Blue Razzberry, Orange, Strawberry, and Watermelon.

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