Cherry Taffy - 3lb

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65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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Cherry taffy offers fruity cherry flavor in a chewy candy everyone loves! Taffy is one of the most popular confections available today.That's because it comes in so many unique flavors with a delightful texture and gorgeous presentation. Our cherry taffy is no different. Each piece includes a solid round piece of bite-size taffy that's individually wrapped for freshness.This version of traditional taffy includes a dark red outer ring that surrounds a circle of pleasant pink. The clear wrapper allows the beautiful color scheme to be seen even before you open your next piece! Cherry taffy is perfect for filling the office candy jar or your candy dish at home.Use alone or combine with our other individually wrapped taffy flavors to create a custom mix for shower or wedding favors. Add them to Easter baskets and Christmas stockings or use our bulk taffy to spice up the dessert table at the next birthday party!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K330866

65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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