Chewy Spree Peg Bags - 12ct

Chewy Spree Peg Bags - 12ct
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If you love Original Spree candy but are craving something chewy, then you'll love the fruity taste of chewy Sprees! This unique confection features a round, disc shaped piece that comes in an assortment of brilliant colors.

The original featured a compressed dextrose candy that was sweet with a fruit flavored candy shell. The chewy version is similar, but replaces the hard center with a softer filling. Bulk Chewy Spree packs include multiple peg bags that are convenient for eating and sharing. Hide them anywhere you might need a quick sugar fix, like the pantry, glove box, purse or your desk drawer at work.

They can also be given away as gifts or prizes at events and celebrations. Open up a peg bag and pour Chewy Sprees into a dish or candy jar to serve guests. Everyone will love the fruit flavors Sprees are known for even more when they experience the chewy texture of our Chewy Sprees!

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