Christmas Nerds Rope - 24ct

Christmas Nerds Rope - 24ct
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Our Christmas Nerds Rope is the ultimate candy for the young and young-at-heart! This seasonal favorite combines two popular confections: chewy gummies and crunchy Nerds.

Each serving includes a length of rope shaped gummy candy that's covered from end to end in a generous layer of seasonal Nerds. This version includes red, green and white Nerds that look right at home in a Christmas stocking or edible gift!

Nerds Ropes are a great choice for holiday parties, winter birthday celebrations and other gatherings. No one can resist their sweet charms! Our bulk Nerds Ropes pack contains many pieces that are individually wrapped so it's easy to give or serve these one-of-a-kind Willy Wonk Christmas candies!

Tie on a ribbon or tag or leave as-is and let the festive red and green wrapper create a festive look. Our Nerds Ropes are an easy at home snack or can be used as a prize when organizing classroom holiday parties.


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