Cinnamon Squares - 5lb

Cinnamon Squares - 5lb
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Spice up your day with the irresistible taste of cinnamon squares candy! This unique treat will make your taste buds tingle while satisfying your sweet tooth! Each piece features a handsome square shape formed out of a delicious jelly candy.

The outside is smothered in a generous dusting of sugar granules. Each bite starts with a sugary texture followed by smooth, chewy gummy candy! Watch out because these enticing little red squares pack a sizzling bite! Each is packed with cinnamon flavor that warms your mouth with spiciness.

Make any occasion a little more exciting by serving our cinnamon squares to guests. Pour into a candy dish and you have a quick and easy snack when surprise visitors arrive.

The beautiful red color is also a great choice when making wedding favors. Whether you're looking for a tasty Valentine's Day candy or a new stocking stuffer at Christmas, our cinnamon squares are sure to please!

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