Coconut Cluster - 5lb

Coconut Cluster - 5lb
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If your taste buds literally just did backflips over the mere sight of these, wait until you bite into your first Coconut Cluster. It is as if every cell in your body is being fueled by the unparalleled sweetness. You feel a sense of bliss from your head to your toes.

Everyone knows that coconut is the most decadent fruit on the planet, but let's face it, they are an awful lot of work to crack open. If you crave that exotic yummy goodness like we do, these Coconut Cluster candies will become your secret indulgence.

Shaved sweet coconut is formed into a mound and enveloped in either creamy milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate. This is a treat so satisfying you probably won't want to share. However, considering this is a generous bulk size you can go ahead and share - at least a little. Uninvited guests stop by and you have nothing for dessert? Go ahead and create a Coconut Cluster dessert tray. You can even say you made them. We won't tell!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K333635

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Milk or Dark Chocolate

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