Dark Chocolate Christmas Balls Bulk - 5lb

Dark Chocolate Christmas Balls Bulk - 5lb CandyStore.com
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Dark chocolate Christmas balls offer the rich, delectable flavor you love in a decorative candy! Foil wrapped chocolates are a very popular treat all year round. They are easy to serve, stay fresh and come in a variety of unique designs.

Our Christmas chocolate balls offer that same amazing look with a thin layer of foil in metallic red, green, gold or blue. Anytime is a great time to serve guests chocolate candy! Pour these decorative ball treats in a glass dish or jar. Use them to add a festive touch to the office or keep them at home as an easy go-to snack for the kids.

They are also beautiful enough to use as wedding favors! Pour them into tulle bags, gift boxes or tins to create an elegant display that is also edible. Businesses can hand out dark chocolate balls as a special holiday themed "thank you" to customers. Our bulk chocolate balls gives you plenty for crowds of any size!


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