Dubble Bubble Big Slugger Baseball Bats Candy - 12ct

Dubble Bubble Big Slugger Baseball Bats Candy - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Sporty packaging makes Dubble Bubble Bubblegum the perfect choice for team pizza parties and birthdays at the batting cages! Dubble Bubble Big Slugger Baseball Bats bring together candy with sports in a way that will delight kids and amuse adults.

Pieces of classic Dubble Bubble chewing gum fill each plastic bat in this quantity of novelty candy containers, and each package includes a baseball keychain , so Big Slugger Baseball Bats are a candy favor, a toy, and a souvenir all rolled into one! Great for commemorating a first trip to the ball game or for adding a cheeky backdrop to a groom's cake, Big Slugger Baseball Bats from Dubble Bubble are always popular with young sports fans.

Better yet, the heap of colorful gumballs inside each bat offer a big enough portion to be saved or shared. Candy and toys are the perfect pairing, and with their baseball theme, Big Sluggers are the perfect choice for bringing novelty bubblegum to your event!

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