Foil Covered Cherry Cordial - 6lb

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Foil-wrapped chocolate cherry cordials with a real cherry inside!

Price per pound: $18.33

Product Details

Foil covered cherry cordials are the delectable treat that looks absolutely stunning! Whether you are planning a high class event or looking for a confection that will bring more elegance to your holiday gatherings, this is the easiest (and most delicious) choice!

Each bite-sized morsel features a plump, round cherry in sweet liquid that's surrounded by fabulous chocolate. The combination of rich flavor and fruitiness is simply to die for!

To add even more appeal to these handsome chocolates, each comes wrapped in a blanket of shimmering foil. Two distinct colors are available, including luxurious red and glimmering gold. No matter which you choose, each bite will offer a flavor experience your taste buds will remember!

Our bulk cordial cherries are a must-have for winter events and much more! Use them to fill wedding favors or add them to a glass dish or jar to serve guests who happen by.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: O343429

Flavor List

Red Foil = Milk Chocolate
Gold Foil = Dark Chocolate

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