Chocolate Gemstones Amethyst Candy - 5lb

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Little pebbles of lavender rock-like chocolate candy!

Price per pound: $8.00

Product Details

Amethyst gemstone Choco Rocks are absolutely gorgeous! This fun treat is popular thanks to its unique appearance. Every piece is designed to look just like a real stone.

Grab a handful and you'll see different shapes - just like real rocks in nature! The inside consists of delicious solid chocolate candy that's dense but bite-able. The outside is smothered in a luxurious layer of sweet candy shell that accentuates the candy's earthy texture.

Our amethyst version is beautiful with a light purple hue. The candy coating shimmers subtly, adding a jewel-like quality to these elegant Choco Rocks. While the earthier tones are popular for birthday cakes, this version is an excellent choice for showers, weddings and other special occasions.

Pour into tulle bags to give as wedding favors or add to glass dishes and place on tables for shower guests. Our bulk amethyst Choco Rocks are perfect for a big crowd!

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