Giant Smarties Pops Jar - 72ct

Giant Smarties Pops Jar - 72ct
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Giant Pops from Smarties each have two Smarties flavors!

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Smarties are known for being dainty little treats you can crunch between your teeth in a jiffy. These Giant Smarties Pops take that beloved flavor to a whole new level of huge! With big lollipops full of traditional Smarties flavors, you'll love every lick.

Make a Halloween candy dish that no trick-or-treater can resist when you buy this Giant Smarties Pops Jar and add some to the mix. It's a real treat for sure that's larger than life in flavor. You can also bring home a Giant Smarties Pops Jar to keep in your cupboard for when you or your family need a sweet fix or to dole out after sport games to your tired athletes. Whatever you choose to do, this Giant Smarties Pops Jar will go the distance!

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