Haribo Gold Bears Theater Boxes - 12ct

Haribo Gold Bears Theater Boxes - 12ct
  • $32.99

Haribo Gold Bears Theater Boxes offer classic gummy bear candy in five delicious flavors, perfect for concession stands and everyday snacking.

3.4 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.75

Product Details

Snack like a king with the Haribo Gold Bears theater box! Whether you love action, comedy, drama or a good animated flick, this handy box of candy will be ready to keep your taste buds busy while you enjoy the show! Our bulk candy pack includes a number of individual boxes so you can share them with a group or keep a few around for easy munching. You know when you're reaching for the gold box you're getting Haribo's finest gummy bears!

Each package includes a generous helping of soft, chewy gummy pieces. The fun bear shape is great for children while movie goers of all ages will love the sweet fruit flavor packed into every morsel. Order multiple cases and host a neighborhood movie night at home or keep for special occasions like sleep overs, picnics, parties and more! Any time is a good time to sink your teeth into Haribo gummy bears!

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3.4 ounces per box

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