Haribo Gummi Fruit Salad - 5lb

Haribo Gummi Fruit Salad - 5lb CandyStore.com
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Full of juicy fruit flavor that never goes bad!

Price per pound: $6.60

Product Details

Haribo gummy fruit salad is full of juicy flavor that never goes bad! Enjoy a big dose of sugary goodness in a fruit-inspired candy. Each piece includes a distinctive fruit slice shape, including oranges, tangerines and many more.

Every gummy fruit slice comes in a different hue and is smothered in sweet granules that add texture and flavor. Our bulk fruit salad gummy assortment is a convenient choice for events, gatherings and much more! Order a package to share when guests stop by or keep them in your kitchen so you have a hassle-free go-to snack when you're hungry between meals.

These gummy fruit candies look good enough to serve at parties and holiday celebrations. Use them in wedding favors or place in decorative candy dishes for shower guests to enjoy. Haribo gummies use high quality ingredients to ensure you get an irresistible treat that's fresh and ready to enjoy whenever you need them!

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