Heavenly Crisp Singles - 18ct

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Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp candy bars are the best way to soothe cravings and stick to a diet! The Skinny Cow brand belongs to the Nestle family of confections.

Unlike other Nestle treats, Skinny Cow products are made with your health in mind. Each is packaged into manageable serving sizes that make it easy to count calories so you stick to a better meal plan without going overboard!

Each Heavenly Crisp candy bar includes crisp wafers layered between smooth chocolate crème. The outside is smothered in a delectable milk chocolate coating for a rich blend of flavor and crunch that's sure to make your sweet tooth happy.

You can still enjoy a milk chocolate candy bar and keep your calorie intake down when you reach for Skinny Cow's Heavenly Crisps! Our bulk Heavenly Crisp box gives you many individually wrapped candy bars so you never have to go without your favorite snack.

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