Bubble Yum Original - 18ct

Bubble Yum Original - 18ct CandyStore.com
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This Bubble Yum Original is a classic!

Price per unit: $1.39

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This Bubble Yum Original is a classic. With giant, rectangular pieces of bubble gum and a bright, sweet and juicy flavor, you can chew, blow bubbles and enjoy the flavor with every piece.

Stock up on some Bubble Yum Original to stuff into piñatas at birthday parties, put into trick-or-treating Halloween candy bowls or add to your purses and office desk drawers for when you need to chew on something sweet and satisfying. You can even bring home some Bubble Yum Original to sell at concessions stands or throw to the crowd during parades if you're marching with a group. Give yourself a reason to order this Bubble Yum Original and you'll be happy you did!

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